Tyson Chandler grew up in a single-parent household and credits his mother with his upbringing, his commitment to giving back and the success he’s had on and off the court. And tonight he gave back in a big way. 6 families from Single Parent Advocate boarded the FOX Sports Fan Express Bus for a surprise trip– no one knew what was coming, only that the Dallas Mavericks had sent a bus for them and that something fun was waiting for them at their destination.

30 minutes later, the families arrived at Target Love Field and were guided to the break room where Target staff members greeted them. Literally ducking to get in behind them was Tyson Chandler, the Chandler Family in tow, ready to go on a shopping spree.

Each member of Tyson’s family, including Vernie Threadgill (his mother), Kimberly (his wife), and Sacha-Marie, Tyson II and Sayge led a family from Single Parent Advocate through the store to pick out clothing and toys for Christmas. Sacha-Marie’s group had a cart filled to the brim with Barbies, a Barbie Dreamhouse, pink clothes and shoes. Tyson led a family of all boys, picking out clothes and shoes and a hat for the 3 year-old.

After the shopping was done, Kimberly and Tyson became honorary Target employees and checked everyone out at the cashier’s stand, right before treating their guests to Mavs tickets and memorabilia.

Throughout NBA Cares Season of Giving, the NBA and its teams and players are out in their communities hosting hundreds of charitable events across the country in an effort to brighten the holidays for thousands of children and families. Tyson had hosted this event for several years, partnering with Target for the last 3.

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