MFFLs packed The Bomb Factory on Tuesday night to see Ludacris, one of the biggest names in hip-hop over the last two decades.

The rapper performed hit after hit during his set for more than 3,000 fans. Mavericks fans pride themselves on being rowdy and loud, and that was certainly the case inside The Bomb Factory, where the energy was high and the speakers were booming. Mavs proprietor Mark Cuban introduced Ludacris before his performance, then enjoyed the show with forward Chandler Parsons, local rising superstar musician Leon Bridges, and others in a packed Mavs suite.

Another Mavericks Production put on the event, and the organization surely made its presence known. The Mavs drumline performed on the sidewalk outside as the doors were opening, and both the dancers and ManiAACs performed in between opening sets by local rappers including Bobby Sessions, Cure for Paranoia, and -topic, who before long was skateboarding across the stage during his highly entertaining set. The ManiAACs made it rain glowsticks, tossing them from the second-floor balcony to the standing-room floor area.

Luda played to the crowd perfectly all night long, crediting the fans for bringing such energy even on a Tuesday night, which of course only energized them even more. There’s no doubt he’s got a ton of hits, too — everyone in the building knew every single song during his set. He performed every well-known, ubiquitous song in his expansive arsenal, from some of his first hits “What’s Your Fantasy” and “Rollout” to more recent singles like “How Low.” Try finding a friend who can’t name you one of his songs or rattle off a few of his most famous lines. It’s going to take you a while.

Tuesday’s concert is another example of the Mavs’ increased effort to host events all year long that will attract fans of all ages, and sometimes people who might not even enjoy basketball. Luda is one of the biggest names in the industry, so that speaks to the organization’s commitment to put on the best events possible in the local community — or the “972, 469, and 817,” as Ludacris himself described it before performing “Area Codes.” The show not only made for a fun night and one we’ll remember for a while, but it also makes you even more excited to see what else the Mavs have in store in the future.

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