Final: Mavs 118, Nuggets 107

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The Mavericks had 96 points through three quarters. It was their third-most points scored entering the fourth quarter all season long. Three-pointers fueled the offensive surge, for sure, but Dallas was also excellent in transition.

Dallas scored 118 points tonight, the club’s sixth highest-scoring game all season long.

This was the Mavericks’ 15th game this season in which they hit at least 15 3-pointers, which extends the club’s franchise record and moves them into a tie for ninth-most in a campaign in NBA history. Dallas’s previous record was 10 games with 15+ treys, set (and then tied) in 2015-16 and 2016-17, respectively.


  • Dennis Smith Jr. had an excellent all-around game. This was one of his better performances of the season, any way you slice it: He had 18 points, 11 assists (against only one turnover), and five rebounds. What really stood out to me was his continued success against the Nuggets in transition. He came into this one averaging 5.3 fast break points per game in three contests against Denver this season, nearly double his season average of 2.7. He flashed a little bit of everything in the open floor tonight, from the ability to beat two defenders with quickness and misdirection…

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    …to his ability to simply out-leap any guard who tries to contest his shot…

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    …and, finally, to his ability to mix in moves like the Eurostep to create a cleaner look against a taller defender.

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    If Smith develops into the type of player who can consistently make this type of impact on a game, then man, watch out. He really played well tonight.

  • Dirk forever. Possibly literally.

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    Nowitzki hit five treys tonight, which ties for his second-most in a game all season. With his 5-of-7 effort from beyond the arc tonight, Nowitzki actually passed two players in front of him on the 3-point percentage list and now sits in third place in the entire NBA in long-range accuracy. He’s doing this at 39 years old. Will he ever lose his touch? Hopefully not. Probably not. The guy can flat-out shoot and it has truly been amazing to watch him continue to drain jumpers on everyone all season long.

  • Devin Harris made his first appearance in Dallas as a visitor since being traded at last month’s deadline. One of Harris’s most infamous consistent plays he ran with the Mavericks was the ol’ backdoor cut with J.J. Barea. Barea would bring the ball up the right side of the floor, with Harris running up ahead of him on the right flank. Just as Barea would begin to pull up around the 3-point line, Harris would dart down the baseline toward the rim, where Barea would find him with a bounce pass. Well, Yogi Ferrell has kind of taken the mantle from Harris since the veteran’s departure to Denver, and the Mavs hit their former teammate with a little taste of his own medicine tonight.

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    It might be hard to tell from the gif alone, but right after Barea sent off the pass, Harris turned back to his former running mate and gave him a smile. He knew what was about to happen before the play was even over. Meanwhile, Ferrell benefited greatly from playing so much with Harris and continues to have a strong sophomore season. Tonight he scored 24 points, his most in a game all season and the most since he scored 32 against Portland last season at the peak of Yogimania.

    What’s Next

    The Mavs (20-45) will play the Memphis Grizzlies (18-45) on Saturday at American Airlines Center at 7:30 p.m. Central.

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