First Justin Anderson got to make his own burger. Dirk Nowitzki went next.

But now it’s Deron Williams’ turn up to bat, and he hit one out of the park with the Big D Will Burger.

A play both on his nickname and Dallas’ own moniker — Williams originally hails from The Colony — the burger will be available at American Airlines Center throughout the month of November.

Anderson and Nowitzki both incorporated elements from the area they grew up in their burgers, and Williams did the same with his: a 1/3 pound beef patty with smoked bacon, shaved romaine, tomato, chopped red onions, chipotle aioli, and Monterey Jack cheese are all stacked on a jalapeño cheddar brioche bun. It comes with black and tan onion rings, coated in a dark beer batter. Williams said the heat should appeal to Mavs fans with Texas roots.

“Most people are from Dallas, so they’re gonna see a taste of Texas right here,” he said. “I think it’s just a great mix of flavor.”

He’s right. It’s a really tasty burger. There’s a bit of a competition going on between Anderson and Williams to determine whose burger is better, and while I will happily stay out of it, I will offer this: AAC executive chef Mark Mabry placed the tomato by design directly on the bottom bun, beneath the patty, because he’s been told that’s the optimal place for it to be.

By whom, exactly? Anderson. As Mabry was explaining this, Williams interrupted: “Hold on, Justin?” Mabry nodded. “No, we gotta change that.”

A rivalry is born.

The burger does pack some serious flavor. The jalapeño and chipotle add a nice bit of heat, but not enough to overwhelm you. And who could say no to onion rings? Williams said he chose them to be different from Anderson and Nowitzki, as both paired their burgers with fries last season.

The Big D Will Burger with onion rings is yours for $12, which is a pretty great deal for the amount of food you get. In addition, the Mavs-themed can of Bud Light, set to debut at the arena tomorrow, is only $4 when ordered with the burger. You get a restaurant-quality burger at a restaurant-quality value. Not a bad deal at all.

Plus, you can go on Twitter after you’re done and let @DeronWilliams and @JusAnderson1 know which one you like better. Williams guaranteed his burger would outsell the second-year Mav’s, so the heat really is on, in more ways than one.

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