Dallas Mavericks guard Seth Curry was unfortunately a victim of the tornado that tore through North Texas on Sunday night.

When asked after Monday morning’s practice by Mavs.com about the damage to his home, Curry said: “We have a couple of broken windows, some roof damage and our fence in our back yard was broken a little bit.

“I couldn’t really see much late last night.  I looked at a little bit this morning before I left (to attend practice).”

Curry said he and his wife, Callie, were watching the Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 37-10, when an EF-3 tornado with peak winds of 140 miles per hour came roaring through their neighborhood. The couple, along with their 17-month old daughter, eventually ended up weathering the storm in a closet.

But Curry said although the ordeal was very serious, he’s thankful that the damage isn’t as severe as it is in other parts of his neighborhood.

“We’re better off than a lot of people in our neighborhood,” Curry said. “We’re better off than a lot of people we can see from our front yard.”

A native of Charlotte, N.C., Curry isn’t accustomed to being in the midst of a tornado.

“I’ve never experienced that before,” he said. “We don’t have tornadoes. We have a hurricane every once in a while, but you can prepare for a hurricane.

“A tornado? It seemed like it happened in five minutes. We were just chilling in the living room and the next thing you know its tornado sirens, and it just happened.”

Although a bit shaken, Curry said: “Everybody’s safe, so that’s the most important thing. But it’s a scary situation.”

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