Seth Curry hosted a Facebook Live Q&A on his page Thursday evening, taking questions about his health, the Mavs, his pregame routines, and more.

Curry, whose older brother Steph’s Warriors were about to take on LeBron James and the Cavaliers in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, hosted the session from just outside Oracle Arena.

Check out the full video below, with some highlights transcribed below.

His NBA Finals prediction: I got the Warriors winning it, but as a basketball fan, it’s going to be fun to watch.

On his goals for the summer: For the summer, I want to focus on a couple things. Pick-and-roll play, that’s huge in the NBA right now, so pick-and-roll play. Being in the best shape possible, of course, and just taking care of my body. I had a couple injuries toward the end of the year that were nagging for me, so I want to be focused on rehab for my shoulder and stuff like that, and come back stronger and healthier so I can last. I played a lot of minutes last year. I haven’t done that throughout my career, played as many games and as many minutes as I did last year.

On his health situation: My shoulder is close to 100 percent right now. Like I said, I’ve been rehabbing it all summer since the end of the season. I missed the last, like, six or seven games. But my shoulder’s been getting a lot better. I’m focusing on the rehab four, five days a week since the season ended. I’ll be good to go. I don’t’ have to get surgery or anything like that, so it’s working out perfectly for me.

On who could beat him in a shooting competition: I have the ultimate confidence in myself as a basketball player, as a shooter. I don’t think anybody on Earth can beat me in a shooting contest or anything like that. If you ask me that, I’m taking myself every time. I work too hard to say anybody’s better than me at shooting the basketball.

On his pregame music playlist: I listen to a lot of Drake. Kendrick is hot right now. I listen to Future, things like that. But I also like to listen to R&B, a lot of slow stuff. I always have a lot of adrenaline, a lot of energy pregame, so I like to slow it down sometimes and listen to some R&B. Some throwback Usher, stuff like that to calm my nerves a little bit. … Do I get nervous before games? Sometimes, early in the year. Obviously the first game of the season I’m always nervous, but once the game starts, it’s just like any other game. The instincts take over.

On his favorite moment from his first season with the Mavs: My favorite moment was probably a week or two stretch during the season where we had a nice little run of games against some of the best teams in the league. We did a good job. We played the Spurs, we played Cleveland, we won all those games. I think we won four, five in a row. … A lot of young guys were playing during that stretch, played a lot of minutes. That gave a lot of us confidence that we could turn the season around and make the playoffs, and it gave me confidence that I could be a starter in this league and play well for an extended period of time.

On playing with Dirk Nowitzki: Right now, obviously just being around Dirk, he’s a legend, played 19 years in the league. Being able to watch him every day is great for a young guy like me playing in the league. I try to just watch him, his workouts, his different routines that he has pregame. He’s not the most vocal guy, but he’s done it for 19 years. If you’re around him and you don’t learn stuff from Dirk, that’s on you. That’s hurting yourself.

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