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The Dallas Mavericks selected five Black high school seniors from local DFW schools to receive the Mavs College Scholarship, a 4-year scholarship and mentoring experience. Each student will receive up to $25,000 annually towards their college education, totaling $125,000 in scholarships per year, for a $500,000 commitment overall. Mavs College Scholarship recipients will receive on-going mentoring from Mavs staff and opportunities for Mavs summer jobs, potential internships or other work experience.

Every student awarded this scholarship has shown their commitment to education and continuous passion for pursuing success to the highest level. This scholarship can be applied to community college or a university that is either in or out of state.

The Dallas Mavericks partnered with local organizations to receive scholarship nominations selected by our internal selection committee.

College Scholarship Spotlight: Ade Akande

Ade Akande
College: Tarrant County College
Major: Health Science
Nominated By: Girls Inc..
Career Aspirations: Doctor

College Scholarship Recipient: Ungellic Leffall

Ungelic Leffall
College: UNT Dallas
Major: Biology
Nominated By: UNT Dallas/TRIO program

College Scholarship Recipient: Howard Anderson III

Howard Anderson III
College: Texas A&M
Major: Environmental Design and Architecture
Nominated By: Education is Freedom

College Scholarship Recipient: Isaiah Williams

Isaiah Williams
College: Dallas College-El Centro
Major: Science in Game Design and Development
Nominated By: Big Thought

College Scholarship Recipient: Martwan Darden

Martwan Darden
College: Dallas College-El Centro
Major: Culinary Arts
Nominated By: Café Momentum

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