‘I only witnessed small miracles and glimmers of humanity and hope’
Meet Parkland’s Samantha Rowley 

The Dallas Mavericks and Chick-fil-A DFW are excited to partner for the Behind-the Mask campaign, which honors extraordinary doctors, nurses, and medical professionals across the community. These hometown heroes were selected because they answered the call during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensured the safety of thousands of lives during this time of crisis.

We are thrilled to announce our final Behind-the-Mask hometown hero: Samantha Rowley, Senior Vice President of Surgical Services, Parkland Health and Hospital System.

Samantha’s Story:
Samantha Rowley is a proud wife of 12 years and a mother to four fabulous children all under the age of nine years old (3, 6, 8 and 9). The native of Wilmington, Delaware graduated from the University of Miami in South Florida. Samantha has been a registered nurse for 16 years and was also a certified registered nurse anesthetist prior to getting into healthcare leadership. She has worked at Parkland Health for the last three years and currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Surgical Services. Samantha says she loves her career and is highly committed to her teams, both at work and at home. She is a woman dedicated and passionate about ensuring the North Texas community is cared for and served. Outside of work, she is a proud “Amazon extraordinaire,” enjoys traveling, loves being a mom and is thankful for her “crazy unpredictable home life” that keeps life fun!

Parkland Health and Hospital System applauds Samantha for this reason:  
Parkland Memorial Hospital’s COVID-19 care team practice’s selfless, heroic acts of service every day. In late April, Samantha Rowley, RN, Senior Vice President of Surgical Services, wrote a snapshot that detailed what 48-hours looked like inside Parkland’s “Red Box.”

The nickname “Red Box” refers to the hospital’s surgical suite that was converted to its Tactical Care Unit housing COVID-19 patients. The red lines define the sterile environment, a zone only authorized personnel can enter.

The snapshot was intended to help her COVID-19 teammates and Parkland leaders understand the impact of their extraordinary efforts in supporting their mission. As the days, weeks and months went by, the challenges in the “Red Box” continued. The number of COVID-19 patients, and sadly, the number of COVID-19 deaths, grew. But so, too, have the recoveries and the discharges.

Rowley said, “As I reflected, I realized I didn’t witness any challenges, I only witnessed small miracles and glimmers of humanity and hope.”

Rowley’s optimism through uncertainty in the Red Box is a true embodiment of Parkland’s values and mission to remain dedicated to the individuals entrusted to our care. Thank you for showing others what medical heroes do.

On behalf of the Dallas Mavericks and Chick-fil-A DFW, thank you Parkland Health for leaders like Samantha who continue to impact the community with their relentless pursuit to serve others with compassion and grace! Congratulations!

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