Friday afternoon Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle joined Cowlishaw & Dennis, 103.3 FM ESPN’s afternoon show, to talk J.J. Barea, Seth Curry, and more. (Matt McLaren was in Friday for Steve Dennis.)

Click to listen to the full audio, and continue reading below for a partial transcript of the interview.

On Barea v. Griffin: “He must’ve eaten spinach at halftime. … The ‘cat-that-ate-the-canary grin’ on Griffin’s face pretty much told the story of what happened there. There was some acting, and frequently in those situations something provokes it. There was a hit, and there was a hold, and the hit elicited a little bit of a response form Barea. And then he held him, and then he shoved, and Griffin managed to make it look like something pretty serious. Look, they looked at it, they’re looking at it in Secaucus as well, and they decided it was a flagrant-2. And until they rule otherwise, it’s a flagrant-2.”

On Seth Curry at point guard: “We’re gonna look at it here. As we kind of move this team forward, we’ve got to examine every possibility. I like Seth at 2, whether or not he’s a prototypical starting 2 that could be debated. He’s certainly put up some good numbers, but he is a little bit small when you see him line up against Beal and Harden. He’s not the same size. He’s more of a size of a point guard, so if we can take a look at this and see if this is a viable possibility — I know he can play some point guard because he’s been doing that all year. But we’ve got to see what the viability of this is short- and long-term.”

Is Curry a sixth man?: “I don’t want to go on record with any brash statements about what a guy is or isn’t at this point. … At this point, Seth played quite a bit, he started at point a significant number of games early in the season, but we were without Dirk, we were without some other key guys. He was kind of thrust into a really stressed situation without a lot of high-level talent around him, so I’m not sure looking back on that is any way to judge it. So here we are now, and this is a good opportunity. I think Matthews at 2 — as you watch the (Clippers) game, the team looked quite a bit different at the start of the game, a lot bigger. The stuff that we’re doing and running has got to be catered a little bit more to the personnel that’s on the floor. Guys did a good job at the beginning of the game. Depending on the opponent, we’ll tweak things a little bit.”

Cowlishaw & Dennis host weekdays from 3-6 p.m. Carlisle appears every Friday afternoon at 4:43.

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