The Dallas Mavericks hosted the franchise’s annual Pride Night on Friday, with forward Reggie Bullock serving as the special guest. Bullock is the NBA’s 2022 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion and an LGBTQ+ activist.

He was joined by Mavs inclusion ambassador Kathy Jack for a Q&A session after the game.

Bullock’s story of losing two sisters to murder is one of the most tragic in professional sports. Still, he has boldly continued his mission to spread awareness for the LGBTQ+ community in honor of his late sister Mia Henderson. He also speaks out against gun violence in memory of his other sister Kiosha who was murdered at age 22. 

Since the 2014 murder of Mia, who was transgender, Bullock has focused on the acceptance of all people by working to create truly inclusive communities through neighborhood engagement and national efforts around the LGBTQ+ movement.

He has participated in the NYC Pride March, the GLAAD Media Awards and NBA events for LGBTQ+ youth and allies.  

Bullock’s unique hairstyle also pays tribute to his slain sisters. The two colored wicks represent Mia and Kiosha, and it’s his way of always keeping them at the forefront.

“I’ll keep doing my part as an ally,” Bullock said. “I’ll continue using my platform to gain more knowledge and link with foundations and groups. Love is in my heart…and hopefully, things will improve for the trans and LGBTQ community.” 

Bullock once again rode on the NBA’s float this summer at the 2022 New York City Pride Parade.

Before the game, the Mavs hosted a Pride Night pre-game party in the AAC’s Mic Ultra Lounge. The team also gave away swag, and The Hangar had other Pride Night items for sale. 

Bullock says he must use his platform as a professional athlete to advocate equal rights and visibility for the LGBTQ+ community. 

“I know my sister is looking down on me now, loving everything I’m doing for her and the community,” Bullock said. “This is only the beginning; I want to keep it going. I feel these things that happen to this community shouldn’t happen. We all are one, and I feel there should be much more love.”

Bullock noted that the NBA community has been outstanding since he spoke up for the transgender and LGBTQ+ communities.

In March 2021, he joined the Mavs Take ACTION! team to discuss International Transgender Day of Visibility. (To read the story, click here). 

“I understand the power we have as athletes,” Bullock said. “I’ve been getting a lot of love, and it’s only to the top from here.”


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