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This week’s episode is full of wacky bits and tons of basketball fun! Skin and Bobby break down the Mavs’ draft lottery odds, the NBA playoffs (10:15), and the 2K League (20:30). Then, Mavs social media coordinator Lizelle Lauron peels back the curtain on what it’s like to work for and travel with the team (24:30) and how younger players use social media differently today (34:20). Then, they go mobile and walk around the office to interview CEO Cynt Marshall (51:30), team photographer Danny Bollinger (57:20), and are joined by Wesley Matthews (1:06:45)!

Welcome to Numbers on the Boards, a podcast for basketball fans who want to have some fun listening to Mavs TV analyst Jeff “Skin” Wade and’s Bobby Karalla talk hoops, stats, and life in the NBA with a new guest each week.

Numbers on the Boards: Dwight Powell

Dwight Powell is the special guest on this week's episode of Numbers on the Boards!

Numbers on the Boards: Dennis Smith Jr.

Episode 1 of Numbers on the Boards with Jeff "Skin" Wade and Bobby Karalla features Mavs rookie point guard Dennis Smith Jr.!