DALLAS – For his numerous accomplishments on the basketball court and amazing contributions in the community, Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki will receive the key to the city of Dallas from Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings.

The event will occur at American Airlines Center on Wednesday night during halftime of the Mavs’ game against the Brooklyn Nets.

An honor of this caliber is an astonishing feat for someone of Nowitzki’s stature.

“It’s about time,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “If you ask me there aren’t enough awards and accolades that can be bestowed upon Dirk Nowitzki with everything he’s done here for over two decades.

“That’s great to hear, it’s a great gesture. Well-deserved.”
Mavs forward Maxi Kleber is from the same small town – Wurzburg, Germany – where Nowitzki hails from. When asked if Wurzburg hands out a key to the city to its distinguished citizens, Kleber said: “I’m not sure we have a key there, but they should give him one, too.

“He’s a man of the town. If one guy deserves it, it’s him.”

Asked if he has a key to the city of Wurzburg, Kleber said: “No, I only have a key to my house. That’s all I have.”

What about a key to your parent’s house back in Wurzburg?

“They let me in,” Kleber said. “If I ring the door or knock on the door, they would let me in.”
Nowitzki becomes just the third person to receive a key to the city of Dallas since Rawlings became its mayor over seven years ago.

“I’m not sure what the key to the city means, what it exactly unlocks,” Carlisle said. “But if there’s anybody that deserves the key, it’s him.”

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