There should have been a foul called on Sacramento’s Cory Joseph on Sunday with 8 seconds left as Luka Doncic tried a shot in the paint that could have tied the game, the NBA said on Monday.

In the league’s Last Two Minute report, it was decided that an “incorrect non-call” was made on the play when Doncic wheeled into the paint and lofted an 8-foot floater that hit off the front rim. He was tightly guarded by Joseph, who hit Doncic on the elbow during the shot, a fact that the Mavericks felt was obvious when they reviewed after the game.

The NBA’s transparency on the Last Two Minute report – which happens with any game that is within three points at any point in the final two minutes – is designed to give fans, teams and media members a clearer understanding of how the officiating calls impacted any game.

There were 22 calls, or non-calls, that were reviewed in the Mavericks-Kings game, which was won by Sacramento 110-106. Only three were deemed to be incorrect.

In addition to the last Doncic shot, the league said J.J. Barea was guilty of swiping up at Harrison Barnes with 1:35 to play, a foul that went uncalled.

Also, with 1:58 to go, the Kings’ Richaun Holmes made contact with Doncic’s elbow, which should have been a foul but was uncalled.

The Mavericks had another incident when the league admitted an officiating error last month when the Los Angeles Lakers’ Dwight Howard grabbed hold of Seth Curry, inhibiting his ability to try to guard a shot in the corner.

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