People have a soft spot in their hearts for a backup quarterback.

If anything goes wrong with the starter, they will bang the drum to have the second-stringer promoted.

It’s a little like that for Mavericks’ backup center Moses Brown, who every so often shows tantalizing snippets of talent that whet the appetite of fans who think the young big man has the potential to be something great.

One of those moments came in the home opener this season when coach Jason Kidd made sure that all 15 active players saw meaningful minutes in the win over Houston.

In his three minutes, the 7-2 Brown had three points and two highlight-reel blocked shots that got the crowd’s collective pulse racing.

It not only got the fans interested in the possibilities for Brown, but it got Brown interested in what may be ahead in a long season.

“We’re a team that’s trying to win and we have to have good team wins,” Brown said recently. “And a good team win means everybody is involved. So, coach had a good talk that everybody contributed and was able to be relied on.

“So we have to be ready to contribute.”

In another way, Brown already has shown he knows how to contribute.

He took part in the Mavericks’ recent Hoops for Troops week during which he and other franchise members joined the 301st Fighter Wing Joint Reserve to help build wheelchair ramps in the Dallas area.

It was particularly meaningful for Brown because his father worked as a carpenter.

So Brown helping build a wheelchair ramp was a gratifying moment with Veterans Day looming.

It was a moment that reinforced Brown’s fast-growing fondness for the Dallas area. He’s forging a nice relationship with the Mavericks’ coaching staff and the city of Dallas.

“It’s amazing the way they’ve embraced me,” Brown said.

It’s easy to do when you have a talented player who just turned 22 years old last month and has energy to burn.

He’s shown in practices that guards should enter the paint at their own risk. Brown is a block-a-holic and has a tendency to go after every shot.

That’s endearing to fans.

“The start of the season has gone really well,” Brown said. “I’m just trying to stay ready when my number’s called and continue to take advantage of all these resources they have. They laid out a plan of success for me and I’m going to stick to it.”

And what exactly does that plan entail?

“Just being able to be relied upon,” he said.

That’s not exactly easy for a young player to really understand all that goes into being relied upon.

“I got to be ready to execute,” he said. “It’s part of being a pro. So being a young player, I just have to learn how to be consistent.”

In a long season, it’s a certainty that Brown will get his chances. He just has to be patient.

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