Pro Zac

Key Facts

  • Number of Years on the Team:


  • Hometown:


  • Weight:

    Over 15 stones

  • Waist Size:

    950 mm

  • Signature Move:


  • Hobbies:

    Music and classic cars

  • Favorite Celebrity Crush:

    That one girl who was in that movie that did that thing with her hand… you know who I’m talking about??? I don’t!

  • Favorite Food items at Studio Movie Grill:

    Philly Cheesesteak

  • Second Favorite Meal:

    A “not quite as big” as the favorite meal!

  • How do you stay in shape:

    Chasing munchies

  • I’ve always wanted to:

    Take a private jet somewhere so I can feel like a celebrity

  • Most embarrassing moment:

    Having my Mohawk fall during a dance at an appearance

  • Most Memorable ManiAAC Moment:

    My first performance