Key Facts

  • Number of Years on the Team:


  • Birthday:

    January 2

  • Hometown:

    Big D

  • Weight:

    Under a TON!!

  • Waist Size:


  • Signature Move:

    Pollo Loco

  • Hobbies:

    Classic cars; watching the Mavs play; dancing and of course…..Eating!!!!!

  • Favorite Celebrity Crush:

    Jessica Alba… My baby mama!!

  • Favorite Food items at Studio Movie Grill:

    Chicken Fajitas

  • Second Favorite Meal:

    More dessert!!!!

  • How do you stay in shape:

    Everyday I do 1 hour of cardio; 1 hour of weight lifting and 1 hour of running……… and then I wake up from my dream!!!!!

  • I’ve always wanted to:

    Wear skinny jeans!!!!!!!!

  • Most embarrassing moment:

    My umbrella malfunctioned during the “It’s raining men” routine. Till this day I still can’t open an umbrella!! Sniff, sniff.

  • Most Memorable ManiAAC Moment:

    At the AAC watch party for the 2011 NBA finals and counting down the last 10 seconds till the Mavericks WON the 2011 NBA Championship!!