One Love

Key Facts

  • Number of Years on the Team:

    This is my 10th year

  • Birthday:

    December 21

  • Hometown:


  • Weight:

    4 Hamburgers away from extra sexy!!

  • Waist Size:


  • Signature Move:

    The One Love pelvic thrust ~ for the ladies only..

  • Hobbies:

    Cooking, salsa dancing, shoe shopping, and going to the gun range…

  • Favorite Celebrity Crush:

    Shaunie O’Neal & Michelle Rodriguez, Rosario Dawson… And I can’t forget Beyonce !! Yes indeed..

  • Favorite Food items at Studio Movie Grill:

    Meat Lover’s Pizza

  • Second Favorite Meal:

    Mama’s fried pork chops

  • How do you stay in shape:

    I chase after a giant donut in my dreams every night..

  • I’ve always wanted to:

    Travel the world

  • Most embarrassing moment:

    I can’t tell you that..Lol

  • Most Memorable ManiAAC Moment:

    Being on America’s Got Talent