Key Facts

  • Number of Years on the Team:

    this will be season 16

  • Birthday:

    November 20

  • Hometown:

    S’port City, LA (Currently residing in Lancaster TX) Go Tigers!

  • Weight:


  • Waist Size:


  • Signature Move:

    All of them…

  • Hobbies:

    Playing Drums, singing & beating my kids in video games

  • Favorite Celebrity Crush:

    Beyonce, Sanaa, Halle, Gabrielle, Rihanna, JLo argh i need more space my list is LONG

  • Favorite Food items at Studio Movie Grill:

    3 Cheese Burger

  • Second Favorite Meal:

    See above….

  • How do you stay in shape:


  • I’ve always wanted to:

    See Mark get a Larry with the Mavs name on it! DONE!!!

  • Most embarrassing moment:

    The hurt inside the entire Mavs org after the 06 finals!! 🙁

  • Most Memorable ManiAAC Moment:

    The storybook that is the 2010-11 Championship!!! The Parade is my absolute fav moment. Will NEVER forget 200k people ALL cheering for the Mavs!