Mavs Take ACTION! is partnering with The Lonely Entrepreneur to launch the inaugural Mavs Business Assist*, a small business program that will provide 100 minority-owned small businesses access to learning modules and training platforms to assist them in growing their companies. Mavs Take ACTION! will also be providing information & networking sessions covering a variety of topics including Sales, Marketing, Legal, Finance, & Corporate Sponsorships as well as mentorship opportunities with Mavs front office executives.

The Lonely Entrepreneur, founded by Michael Dermer, aims to close the disparity of access amongst entrepreneurs and within the entrepreneurial community. The Lonely Entrepreneur seeks to unlock the potential of business owners world wide by helping them turn their passion into success and by providing communities of every race, creed, gender and location with the knowledge, tools and support to start and grow their business.

*Open only to businesses & business owners based in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Application Deadline: XXXX

What is included

As part of the program, each of the 100 entrepreneurs will receive one (1) year of access to The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community – a one stop-shop every entrepreneur needs to grow their business with multiple options to access information, including:

  • Knowledge: 500 learning modules on business and personal issues entrepreneurs face
  • Tools: Hundreds of templates (e.g., legal agreements) and reviews of vendors (e.g., CRM)
  • Ongoing Support: Online group coaching and the ability to get questions answered by the TLE team
  • Community: Interact with a global community of fellow entrepreneurs
  • 150+ Funding Sources: Exposure to funding opportunities
  • 50+ Vendor Vetting and Deals: Vetted vendors and deals (including some free services)
  • 200+ Procurement Opportunities: Opportunities to offer services to larger companies
  • Access: 24/7 access from any desktop or mobile device


In addition to the Learning Community, MBA entrepreneurs will also participate in quarterly workshops with Dallas Mavericks Executives and TLE staff, learning about important business functions.  The program will culminate in a pitch competition amongst the top entrepreneurs, known as the Mavs Business Assist (MBA) Finals, in front of a panel of VIP judges.

How MBA will work:

In conjunction with various DFW Chamber of Commerce organizations, 100 entrepreneurs will be awarded access to the MBA program on a first come, first serve basis.

The application process will be open from [July 6th – July 31st] and the Mavs Business Assist program will officially launch on [August 15th, 2022] with an introductory session at the Mavs Gaming Facility. Throughout the Mavs Business Assist calendar year, the Mavericks (include sponsors – TBD) will host four (4) workshop sessions, each providing exclusive business insights and networking opportunities in different areas. The Mavs Business Assist program will culminate with the Mavs Business Assist Finals (MBA Finals) – a bracket competition amongst the top [insert #] ranked entrepreneurs within the MBA Program, based on XXX.

MBA Sessions:

  1. MBA Introduction: Program Launch [Insert Date]
  2. Sales/Marketing: Month 3 [Insert Date]
  3. Account/Finance: Month 6 [Insert Date]
  4. HR/Legal: Month 9 [Insert Date]
  5. MBA Finals: Month 12 [Insert Date]

MBA Timeline:

  • 7/18 – Application opens
  • 7/29 – Application closes ( Applicants are notified on a rolling basis)
  • 8/4 – MBA Cohort Begins ( First Session)
  • 8/4 Session 1
  • 11/3 Session 2
  • 2/2 Session 3
  • 5/5 Session 4

MBA Finals Qualifications/ Guidelines:

Attend at least 3 MBA sessions prior to the MBA Finals

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