Dallas 128, Houston 108

In Luka Doncic’s first trip to Houston, the Mavs didn’t disappoint despite their previously lackluster record on the road this season. Even a triple-double from James Harden couldn’t stop the Mavs in Houston as the bench came through once again.

Stat of the Game: The Mavs bench scored 61 points on the night.

Mavs Box: Luka Doncic and Devin Harris both recorded 20 points, while J.J. Barea added 13 points off the bench. All five starters scored in double digits.

Out: Dirk Nowitzki

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Los Angeles Lakers 114, Dallas 103

This makes two trips to LA now in which the Mavs walk away with a loss. Coming off a game the night before, the Lakers needed 28 points from LeBron James to help lead them over Harrison Barnes and the Mavs.

Stat of the Game: The Mavericks were assessed four technical fouls including an ejection of J.J. Barea in the second half.

Mavs Box: Harrison Barnes led the way with 29 points and five rebounds while Dwight Powell followed behind with 17 points off the bench. Dorian Finney-Smith was the only positive plus/minus in the game for the Mavericks who played over 15 minutes.

Out: Dirk Nowitzki, Maxi Kleber

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Dallas 114, Los Angeles Clippers 110

This was a fun night in the AAC. Winners of six straight at home, the Mavs welcomed the top team in the Western Conference to Dallas where Luka Doncic would be sitting out due to a right hip strain. It was the first time DeAndre Jordan faced his old team and the Mavs held their own down the stretch.

Stat of the Game: The Mavs out-rebounded the Clippers 64-44.

Mavs Box: Harrison Barnes led the way with 30 points and nine rebounds (including five offensive boards). Jordan finished with 16 points and 23 rebounds while shooting 4 of 7 from the free throw line. J.J. Barea had 20 points in the first 20 minutes of the game and finished with 24 points overall.

Out: Dirk Nowitzki, Luka Doncic, Maxi Kleber

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Play of the Week

The two dunks by Smith Jr. and Doncic in Houston deserve some love as well as the Doncic buzzer beater to end the half in Houston, but the defensive stop from Smith Jr. at the end of the Clippers game gets the nod. With the Clippers within two, Smith Jr. is switched on Tobias Harris in the post and comes away with a huge block.

Player of the Week

Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes led the team in scoring last season and even with the addition of Luka Doncic, is showing why he is a go-to scorer on the Mavs.

Barnes started the week with just 13 points in the Rockets win in which six players on the Mavs scored in double-digits. Later in the week, Barnes led the way vs. LeBron and the Lakers with 29 points and five rebounds while shooting 4 of 6 from behind the arc.

To cap the week off, Barnes was a catalyst in the win over the Clippers on Sunday by recording 30 points and nine rebounds including five offensive rebounds.

Barnes seems to really be hitting his groove on both ends of the court as he adjusts to playing alongside Luka Doncic.

Quote of the Week

“I knew there would be cameras, and when there’s cameras, it’s going to social media, and when there’s social media, there’s ladies looking, and when there’s ladies looking, I’ve got to be looking nice.” -Dennis Smith Jr.

After having his tooth knocked out during the game, Dennis Smith Jr. showed up to his post-game media scrum with a perfect set of a teeth. When asked how it looked so good immediately after the game, this was his candid response.

Moment of the Week

Dennis Smith Jr. Loses a Tooth

Battling for a loose ball, Dennis Smith Jr. had one of his front teeth knocked out during the scuffle. After the play, Smith Jr. casually picked the tooth up and walked over to the bench. He then had to return, to the applause of the crowd, in order to jump for the jump ball between him and Patrick Beverley.

It was a special moment of the night as Smith Jr. displayed toughness and competitiveness at its peak.

Rick Carlisle even said after the game that it was “one of the most competitive things I’ve seen in a long time.”

Social Check In

Must Read

Luka Doncic Lives to Put on a Show by Rob Mahony of Sports Illustrated

“Luka Dončić found his calling by process of elimination. He was a striker first, but moved on when his love for soccer went unrequited. There were dalliances with handball, volleyball and even swimming. “All these things, I wasn’t that good,” Dončić says. “So, I pick basketball.” Or really, basketball picked him. The power of choice is nothing next to the insistence of prodigy…”

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This Week: 2-1

Overall: 11-10

Fast Forward

12/4 Portland @ Dallas

Damian Lillard brings his Blazers team into Dallas look to keep their current spot in the standings above the Mavericks.

12/5 Dallas @ New Orleans

The second night of a back-to-back, Dallas goes against a Pelicans team right with them in the standings.

12/8 Houston @ Dallas

With the Mavs beating the Rockets by a wide margin in the first meeting, Harden and the Rockets will look to get even on another Saturday night game in the AAC.


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