We all have our own unique taste in music, and that goes double for whenever we’re working out, warming up, or competing. The Mavs are no different.

Each player has his own song that he listens to when it comes time to get ready for a game. In fact, the mix we hear during layup lines at American Airlines Center was built by the players themselves. But we wanted to go beyond just that selection of music and build an ultimate “Mavs Mix” of songs the guys listen to when they’re working the hardest. The result is a playlist below accessible on Spotify or via streaming here.

The inside scoop on who requested what:

J.J. Barea listens to a lot of reggaeton, and one of his favorites is “La Gozadera.” He’s not the only one who digs that style of music, though. Mavs rookie Justin Anderson enjoys reggae’s upbeat nature.

“I don’t really understand it,” he admitted, as he doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish. “But I like the fact that, no matter what, it puts you in a good mood to dance, move your feet, or get active.”

Anderson’s personal addition to the playlist is the song “7 Years,” a country song he found via his girlfriend. Anderson and Wesley Matthews both also recommended “Panda,” a song popular among the entire team.

To a man, the Mavs would tell you JaVale McGee is the foremost music authority in the locker room. Anderson said McGee will know about a song before anyone else does, and he’ll bring some new stuff to the weight room to let his teammates hear it. Sometimes, though, his taste isn’t always well-received.

“(His knowledge) is a good thing — sometimes — but most of the time it’s a terrible thing because the song’s bad,” Anderson joked. “He knew about ‘Panda’ before everybody, and he’s playing it. Everybody’s like ‘this hits, this song is good.’ But then he’ll go on a streak of, like, six songs in a row after that where no one likes it.”

McGee won’t take all the credit for being the musical ringleader of the group, but he did say he often finds himself in control of what’s playing. His contribution to this list, for the record, was “Summer Sixteen.”

Drake is obviously one of the most popular rappers (or entertainers in general) right now, and he’s especially a big hit among basketball players, as you can often see him catching a Raptors game or popping up here or there at All-Star Weekend. Chandler Parsons is a big fan of him, but he’s also listening to a lot of “The Life of Pablo” right now, Kanye West’s new album. Unfortunately, it isn’t available on Spotify, but Parsons is also into “Low Life,” a collaboration between Future and The Weeknd.

When he’s not listening to rap or hip-hop, he’ll mix in some house or EDM. “It’s all over the place,” he said. Parsons is one of the few players on the team, then, who appreciates Zaza Pachulia’s taste in music. Hailing from Europe, it’s understandable that the Mavs big man would be into electronic music, as much of it originated on his home continent. David Guetta’s “Bad” is a staple on his playlist.

“We Dem Boyz” comes at the request of forward Jeremy Evans, who still loves the song even though it’s been popular for quite some time. He has a soft spot for older music, though, citing Tupac and Biggie as two of his favorite rappers. He likes almost anything, though. “I listen to a lot of music while I’m painting,” he said. “Just a variety.”

Finally, there’s Dirk Nowitzki. The Big German has one of the more unique tastes in music in the league, preferring older stuff like The Rolling Stones or, as Parsons said, Matchbox Twenty. (There’s nothing wrong with that!) “Mr. Jones” is one of Nowitzki’s favorite songs, as we’ve heard over the years. While you might find a lot of players who will make fun of Dirk’s musical catalog, the always-polite Evans played nice. “Some of it’s kind of cool,” he said, smiling. “Just depends on what mood we’re in.”

No matter what mood you’re in, if you want to get in the zone, I’m sure you have your own favorite tracks. But give this playlist a download and share it with your friends. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something new. Or, maybe you’ll fall in love with Counting Crows all over again.

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