We watch NBA players do incredible things with other NBA players on the hardwood 82 nights a year. There aren’t many places, though, where you can see those athletes up-close and witness something truly amazing.

It turns out Mavs Hoop Campers in Rowlett got pretty lucky. Not only did they get to meet Devin Harris, but they unknowingly scored front-row seats to the upset of the century.

Knockout is a staple of every Hoop Camp. Typically the visiting Mav will take on some of the younger campers in a couple games before doing battle with the coaches, as Harris did above. That game ended on a truly incredible note, and Dwain Price’s video has made national headlines since. You never know when you’re about to witness something special.

Here’s another example, with Dirk Nowitzki playing with kids last week in Allen.


How many places can you go and play basketball against an NBA player? That’s pretty cool. The kid who took Dirk one-on-one in the video above is named Matthew, and it turns out his family follows some Mavs accounts on Twitter and got a hold of that tweet. Now they’ll have video of him and Dirk for the rest of their lives, long after the German legend hangs ’em up. Even Nowitzki recognizes the type of impact that can have on a young basketball player.

“When I was little I will always remember – I was (attending a camp) with the German National Team when I was probably about 11 or 12 or 13 – and we were in camp and they all told us to sit down and in walked some of the players from the German National Team at the time, from the A team,” Nowitzki said at the camp. “I’ll always remember that for that experience for the rest of my life, meeting some of those guys who we looked up to at the time.”

Matthew and the Mavs coach who took down former All-Star Devin Harris with a halfcourt heave will never forget those moments. But neither will the other kids who were in attendance, many of whom also got to take on Harris and Nowitzki in games of knockout, or shake their hand, or score an autograph.

The NBA might be Where Amazing Happens, as the old ad goes, but moments like those above are where the incredible stuff really goes down.

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