Mavs proprietor Mark Cuban cleared some of the haze clouding the Mavs’ future move into a new practice facility.

Before Monday’s Game 2, Cuban said he’s about to close on a plot of land in the downtown area that will be home to the new state-of-the-art facility, which he hopes to open within two years. In the meantime, the Mavericks will be able to practice in an interim facility on the same site as soon as this summer.

Once construction on the new facility is complete, the temporary building will be razed to make way for parking spaces and potentially other uses.

Cuban has spoken at length about the facility in the past, saying he plans to turn the facility into the nicest in the NBA, home not only to a basketball court, locker room, and weight room, but also plenty of space dedicated to biotechnology and state-of-the-art medical facilities designed to enhance the players’ health, maintenance, and game preparation.

This is a trend becoming more and more common across the league. For example, the Atlanta Hawks recently announced their plans on a new sports and medicine facility in partnership with Emory Healthcare, where the Hawks will have 30,000 square feet dedicated to Emory. In addition, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the facility will include a 3D motion capture, force plates to measure joint stress and on-site blood and sweat testing and analysis for nutritional deficits to aid in individual health and recovery plans. There will also be a recovery area with cryotherapy, sensory-deprivation tanks and in-ground hydrotherapy.

The Mavericks already use cutting-edge technology to better prepare their players, on both the physical and mental side of things. For example, the club requires younger players to work extensively with a software called Axon to improve play recognition and anticipation. The training staff, meanwhile, is considered one of the best in the NBA.

Stay tuned for updates, as more information regarding specific plans and the location for the new facility will be revealed in time, once the club finalizes and closes on the deal.

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