SAN FRANCISCO – Dallas Mavericks proprietor Mark Cuban is contemplating retiring Dirk Nowitzki’s No. 41 jersey as soon as this season – if possible.

“Dirk and I are discussing it,” Cuban told prior to Tuesday’s game between the Mavs and Golden State Warriors. “We’re trying to figure it out.”

The only Mavs’ players whose jerseys have been retired are Brad Davis, Rolando Blackman and Derek Harper.

As far as retiring Nowitzki’s jersey, Cuban said: “The challenge is just getting it all done just because it’s not a lot of home games left. It’s only like (19) home games left, so that’s the hard part.

“So we’re discussing it now whether it’ll be now or one of the first couple of games next year.”

Nowitzki retired last spring after spending his entire 21-year career with the Mavs. By the time the German native finished playing, he was a 14-time All-Star, the NBA’s sixth all-time leading scorer with 31,560 points, and the leader in many of the Mavs’ all-time individual categories.

However, it’s not only Nowitzki’s jersey that Cuban is considering retiring.

“We’re also talking about hopefully being able to unveil a model for the statue at the beginning of next year as well,” Cuban said. “So hopefully we can put the two together.

“Nothing is etched in stone yet, but we’re looking at it.”

HARDAWAYS HAVE STRANGE SETTING: A surreal sight occurred about an hour and 45 minutes before Tuesday night’s game between the Mavs and Warriors.

Sitting on the Mavs’ bench was Tim Hardaway Sr. and Tim Hardaway Jr. The elder Hardaway had his glory years with the Warriors and also played the 2001-02 season for the Mavs, while the younger Hardaway is in his second season with the Mavs.

“You know my son was born here in California,” Hardaway Sr. said. “It’s a joy for me to see my son playing in the NBA and having fun while he’s playing and doing what he’s doing out there on the floor.

“I’m so happy for him. He’s doing what he wants to do and he loves to do, and he took after me in doing it, so it’s great and I’m having fun watching him.”

The elder Hardaway was part of a fun group with the Warriors called Run TMC – formed from players Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin. It was a spinoff of the popular rap group Run DMC.

“It was fun memories, but it was too short, though,” Hardaway Sr. said. “It lasted just two years before Mitch got traded, but we had a marvelous time, it was like family.

“We still are family, understanding about each other, how to play the game, the strengths and weaknesses of the game, the importance to detail to the game. We just loved playing with each other.”

PORZINGIS STILL ON THE MEND: Forward Kristaps Porzingis missed his eighth straight game Tuesday.

The 7-3 power forward is recovering from soreness in his right knee and is also dealing with an illness, but could play in Wednesday’s game at Sacramento..

“With him being under the weather along with the rehab of the knee, the stars didn’t align for tonight,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “Tomorrow night might be a possibility, but he’s going to work out before (the game) and we will see where we are tomorrow.

“But there”s nothing set that he will or won’t play tomorrow.”

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