Dallas Mavs CEO Cynt Marshall joins USA Women’s Soccer star Alex Morgan and other notable women across the professional sports world on this year’s “30 Most Powerful Women in Sports” list.

Adweek revealed its annual list of honorees this week, and Marshall plus Alexys Feaster are two women involved in the NBA among the group. Feaster is the Senior Director of Player Development at the NBA and both are featured with profiles and highlights at Adweek.

United States national team co-captain Alex Morgan, fresh off another World Cup title, is featured on the cover.

“Athletics are often championed as an excellent way to learn the power of teamwork, dedication, goal setting, pushing your limits and playing through pain,” Adweek.com writer Kristina Feliciano said in a story profile announcing this year’s coveted list of women. “It’s not easy to help the way for future generations, battle gender opportunity and opportunity, sometimes the only time you are in the room and lead your brand or team to new heights all at the same time. But then again, if it were easy, the women on our list probably would not be interested.”

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