Mark Cuban on League of Legends

The head honcho talks League of Legends and the legitimacy of eSports.

UPDATE: Mark Cuban won the match. Of course he did. And before the match, he had some choice words for his opponent. Read the original story below.

We’re used to seeing Mavs proprietor Mark Cuban in basketball arenas around the country. We’re even used to seeing him in his other arena: the shark tank.

But this weekend Cuban will be in an entirely different arena. A new one altogether. He’ll be playing League of Legends against Intel CEO Brian Krzanich on Saturday in San Jose to raise money for the CyberSmile Foundation, an organization which raises money to combat cyberbullying and looks to create a more positive Internet.

Follow the event on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest updates and schedule. (If you’re a Mavs fan and you aren’t already following the head honcho on Twitter, shame on you. But just in case you aren’t, here’s where you can follow him.) The Cuban/Krzanich showmatch will be the third on the docket on Saturday, Nov. 21. While the event is in San Jose, you can watch the livestream it on Amazon, and by purchasing equipment on sale, you can actually increase the prize money pool for the winners. If you’re in that part of the country, you can buy tickets here.

The Cuban/Krzanich match will be part of the Intel Extreme Masters event. And while the showdown will draw a huge audience — and for good reason — there’s a lot on the line for the other teams in competition as well: They’ll be competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to cheer on the proprietor!

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