Mark Cuban jumped on “The Ben & Skin Show” on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday to talk about the upcoming season, Monday night’s presidential debate, and more.

Listen to the full audio before and continue reading for a transcript of some of the best moments.

On how excited he is about Andrew Bogut: I’m as excited as Dirk is. Yesterday Dirk and I were just sitting talking. He’s fired up about everybody we got, but he said ‘Bogut, man, he’s gonna set those screens, he can pass, he can defend, and he’s dirty. He’s physical.’ For Dirk, that’s something we haven’t had since Tyson, and even Andrew is a lot more physical than Tyson. So Dirk’s excited, we’re excited. You’re gonna see the ball move a lot more through Andrew, and you’ll see a lot more motion offensively. And defensively we’re gonna be a whole lot better than we were last year. It’s gonna be night-and-day.

On Kevin Garnett’s retirement, and his battles with Dirk over the years: Their game was different. KG relied a lot on athleticism and physicality. Those are the first things to go. Dirk is a lot more finesse, a lot more basketball IQ, because he never was the most athletic guy. And KG – you don’t play 21 years without being phenomenal, and KG was – you don’t lose that ability to shoot. And, particularly at 7 foot, being able to get that shot off flat-footed, basically, that’s something that he’ll be 50 years old and be able to do.

On Wesley Matthews’ work ethic, and his impact as a leader on the team: He’s mean. All day, every day, he’s texting me, ‘All-Star Cubes, All-Star Cubes, I’m gunnin’ for it, Cubes. All-Star.’ So he’s ready and he’s fired up. He’s taken a leadership role. I was talking to Dirk yesterday, we sat and talked for a while, and I said ‘Dirk, how does it feel to not be the hardest-working guy on the team, and you may be in the bottom half now.’ Literally, Harrison is just a crazy workaholic, Dwight Powell is a crazy workaholic. We’ve got all these guys that are just putting in hour after hour and coming back later and shooting. Just that mindset is completely different.

On the new practice facility: We’ve got 75,000 square feet in there, two big full courts and a bunch of side-to-side courts. Everything and anything that I can possibly think of. The practice part of it is done, but we’ll be adding a whole lot more. I think in total we have 150,000 square feet, I don’t know, but slowly but surely we’ll fill it all up. It’s just meant to be a place where we can get away from the arena like when the circus is there, and during the summer we can have multiple things going on.

On attending the presidential debate: It wasn’t hyped like going to an NBA Finals game or a Super Bowl, but you could just tell everybody was nervous because no one knew what was going to come out of either of their mouths, and everybody was trying to anticipate what could possibly happen. But it was all well-mannered, and nothing crazy in terms of what happened in the audience happened, and it was history. What’d they say, 80-million-plus people watched? So it was interesting just to be part of it.

“The Ben & Skin Show” airs weekdays from 3-7 p.m. on 105.3 The Fan.

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