Mavs rookie Jarrod Uthoff, fresh off signing a multi-year contract with the club and scoring his first career points Wednesday night in New Orleans, wrote a list of 10 things to know about a player on a 10-day contract for the NBPA.

Check out some of the list below, and click here for the full article.

1. Remain Positive and Confident About the NBA

I sensed the NBA would happen ever since the end of Christmas, especially after the trade to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, when I got more of an opportunity to play. Once I got an opportunity, I knew that good things were going to happen. Things started clicking and I had a great opportunity to showcase my abilities. I really started to feel like I had a grasp of the NBA system and how to be successful in it. I was confident in my abilities. I knew I belonged in the NBA.

2. Remember What Got You Here

There’s a reason why I’m with the Mavericks. There is a reason why every guy gets a call up; the team already likes you, they know basically what you can do. I’m sure things like my work ethic and positive attitude came into play. And you just have to wait for your opportunity to see the basketball court. And if that opportunity doesn’t come, then you just need to be satisfied with being yourself and knowing that you’re staying ready no matter what. I think they want to see me play. So I think eventually I’ll get my shot and get an opportunity to showcase my abilities.

Uthoff certainly has received an opportunity to showcase his abilities. Before Wednesday’s game in New Orleans, Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle said he plans to give the rookie more playing time from here on out in the regular season so the team can have a chance to further evaluate him heading into the summer.

If Uthoff can capitalize on those minutes, make a positive impression, and prove himself as a player at this level, it looks like his days of buying deli meat on the cheap could be far behind him.

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