(On playing today’s game where there is no opportunity to move in the standings…)
“It’s not a great situation. You try to get the most out of it, you hope you can compete hard. We had strug- gles. Phoenix had everything to play for and they played extremely well. I would give them the majority of the credit for how this game went. No excuses. We’re moving forward, we’re moving beyond this game and we’ve got to prep for the Clippers.”

(On the totality of the Clippers roster…)
“They’re deep, they’re physical, they’re experienced — those are the big things. It’s an experienced team that plays with attitude so we’re going to have to prepare for that. We’re going to have to attack them hard.”

(On summarizing the regular season…)
“It’s unlikely we’ll ever have a season quite like this again. But all things considered, everyone found a way to complete it. Everything is intact heading into the playoffs. I don’t think anyone is taking anything for granted. Everybody is still following all the regulations, procedures, all those kinds of things. We’re all very thankful to have an opportunity to work. This is important. On the business side, we get the opportunity to bring the game to the fans. Players will end up being paid a lot of money that was being held in escrow. It’s all very important. It’s certainly a one-of-a-kind season. I think it’s safe to say we’ll never see a season exactly like this one.”


(On if he is excited about the playoffs…)
“Yes, it is the playoffs, but I have been in the playoffs before, just in Europe. It is not the same level, but it is the same emotions. I am excited for sure.”

(On playing the Clippers…)
“They are a tough team to be beat. We just have to be prepared and give everything we have.”

(On how difficult it was to not play the whole game today, and on Boban Marjanović’s play today…)
“It was difficult at the end of the game. I love to play games, no matter what it is, everything or nothing, I love playing in the games. I am happy for Boban. He deserves it. He works hard every day. I was hoping he was going to get 20 [points] and 20 [rebounds] but he didn’t want to shoot on the last play, I didn’t understand that.”

(On if he will lean on his playoff experience from playing in Europe…)
“It is the playoffs. Like I said, it is the same emotions. For sure I am going to lean on that experience, it is tough to play in Europe too. Same emotions, it is a way higher level in the NBA, but same emotions so you have to be ready.”


(On the regular season being over and being grateful to have played out the season…)
“No question, with everything that is going on the world, and we are still playing basketball and the Mavs are back in the playoffs, which was a big goal that we wanted. Today was a disappointing game. We didn’t show up and we have a lot of work to do these next couple of days. We have to get ready. We have to get ready for a battle. Tonight was a little disappointing but our goal was to make it to the playoffs. So we are here now and we have to get ready for it.”

(On the Clippers’ roster beyond Paul George and Kawhi Leonard…)
“Well they are a tough team. They are tough mentally and physically. They are a big team in all positions. They have a lot of experience in the playoffs. They have great coaching. It is definitely going to be a tough matchup. They are good all around. You really don’t see anything bad with that team. We have to match their physicality and their toughness and we will see what happens.”

(On being back in the playoffs and on Boban Marjanović’s performance tonight…)
“Bobi has been great. Every time we put him out there he does a great job for us and we are going to need him. The Clippers are a big team. They have two big men that are really good. We are definitely going to have to throw Bobi in there a couple of times and he has to be big down there for us to have a chance in the playoffs. And yes, it feels great. The Mavericks are back in the playoffs. We miss , so hopefully it will be a great experience for us.”

(on going to the playoffs without Dirk Nowitzki on the team…)
“It is totally different without Dirk. Dirk 41! We always had a chance. We were thinking championship or nothing. So this is totally different now. I am the oldest and just trying to motivate the guys and tell them what I know. It is going to be tough, it is going to be a grind and we have to raise our basketball level. We have to raise our competition level and just everything. I am just going to talk and help as much as I can.”

(On if his son Sebastian Barea has watched as a virtual fan and his thoughts on virtual fans..)
“I think it is pretty cool. I think my dad and brother watched one game. But Sebastian can’t stay still and if you want to watch the game you have to stay still in front of a computer. He has been watching the games, but not as a virtual fan. I think it is pretty cool to look behind us and see family or friends watching the game.”


(On playing with the Dallas Mavericks for the playoffs…)
“Playoffs, we play like a team, because everyone gets more focused, games slow down, everything is about one play. You can’t have a bad day, because it’s more important, you must prepare for the team and you have enough with the team. I think you get enough rest between the games, you can rest your body and give your best; it’s important.”

(On the Mavericks’ chances in the playoffs…)
“Everybody who is in the playoffs has a chance. Everybody has an equal chance. Sometimes it depends on the feeling, sometimes you have a lucky day or not lucky. Everybody will play hard. My team hopes to do good and we prepare the best we can and I hope we surprise the Clippers.”

(On Luka Dončić wanting him to get 20 points and 20 rebounds tonight…)
“It’s not about a statistic play tonight. I think everybody got good play and prepared for the game more than they need to be, which is more important. Of course, every game is important and everyone wants to play, but statistics like this game don’t mean a lot.”

(On if he’s had family/friends in the virtual fans…)
“I didn’t. I think it’s cool to have somebody watching you, and everyone watching TV for sure. It’s cool to have somebody around, you really feel like you have a full crowd of people. They do a great job with the sound effect, fans cheering, you hear them and see their moves, clapping and where they sit. Everything is part of the game and so far we are used to it. Hope it gets us ready for a playoff game.”


• Boban Marjanović finished with 18 points (9-14 FGs) and a career-high 20 re- bounds. His previous career mark was 19 (1/5/17 vs. CHA). Marjanović is the 22nd player in the NBA to record 20+ rebounds in a game this season. He and his team- mate Luka Dončić are only the third pair of teammates to have each recorded 20+ rebounds in a game, joining Cleveland’s Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson and Brooklyn’s Jarrett Allen and DeAndre Jordan.

• Luka Dončić recorded 18 points and 5 assists in only 13 minutes today. The sophomore guard finished the season averaging 28.8 points, 9.4 rebounds and 8.8 assists per game. Dončić recorded a league-high 17 triple-doubles this season and has finished the season as the youngest player in NBA history (21 years, 168 days) to lead the league outright in the category.

• Justin Jackson tallied 13 points and 2 rebounds in 29 minutes today. This was Jackson’s 12th game of the season scoring in double figures.

• Dallas finished the season scoring 100+ in all but two games.

• The Mavericks will open their first round playoff series against the L.A. Clippers on Monday, Aug. 17, at 8 p.m. CT on Fox Sports Southwest and ESPN.

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