Digital Ticketing

1. How does my Mavs MVP Card work?
Your Mavs MVP Card works similar to a gift card. Your ticket inventory resides in your AccountManager account and is associated with your MVP card unless it has been otherwise removed from the card and forwarded, printed or resold.

Present your Mavs MVP Card to a ticket taker upon entry into American Airlines Center. Your card will get scanned as you enter the building and a small receipt will be printed with your seat location on it. You’ll receive a receipt for each seat which will be needed for you and your guests. If you and your guests are not arriving together, you can split up your seats and forward your tickets to your guests online through AccountManager.

New this season, you can also enter by simply logging into your account via your smart phone and presenting your ticket to the ticket taker. The ticket will be displayed using a QR code and the ticket taker will provide you with a seat locator receipt similar to if you had entered using your Mavs MVP card.

2. How do I log into AccountManager?
From the Ticket Info button on the menu above click on AccountManager. You will need your email address on account and Mavs password to access your account. If you do not know your password, please call your account representative to retrieve that information or call 214-747-6287. If you have multiple accounts that all have the same email address, you will be able to view all of your accounts in one place.

3. What if all my guests are not with me?
We would suggest electronically forwarding (through AccountManager) your tickets to your guests in advance, in order to provide them with the most efficient entry into the building. Your guests can choose to print the ticket, forward the ticket, assign it to a credit card for entry or enter via having the ticket scanned on their smart phone.

Should you have a last minute change of plans, you can still forward your tickets (through AccountManager) on your smart phone and your guests can enter by simply presenting the accepted ticket on their smart phone.

4. Is there a fee to electronically forward my tickets?
There is no fee to forward or print your tickets through AccountManager.

5. Can I have multiple Mavs MVP Cards for my account?
Yes, initially you will be issued one card per account, but a second card can be issued if desired. Should you need an additional card for someone that you want to have full access to your account, we can issue a second card that provides that access. However, this approach is not recommended for most customers. A second card with full access requires both card holders to be in complete sync with every aspect of managing the inventory on account.

Most customers needing a second card will want them for share partners. In this case, we can issue a second card with a unique card number so the share partner does not have access to the primary account. The primary account holder would be responsible for electronically forwarding specific games and seats to the share partner and their card would only have access to that specific inventory.

For additional Mavs MVP Card requests, please call 855-MAV-S411 (855-628-7411) and we’ll discuss your needs and what will work best for you.

6. Can I forward multiple games to my ticket partner?
Yes, you can do this by logging into AccountManager and forwarding games/seats to your share ticket partner(s). This can be done one game at a time or in bulk if to the same email address.

Your ticket partner(s) will have the ability to print, transfer or resell their tickets and they can enter the building by using a print at home ticket, assigning the ticket to a credit card or by using their mobile device.

Recipients of a forwarded ticket via email will need to “accept” the ticket and then they can choose to print, forward, resell or assign the ticket to credit card. Just like you the season ticket holder, they can then enter the AAC by using a print at home ticket, credit card to which they assigned the ticket or smart phone.

7. Can I print my tickets at home or office and not use my Mavs MVP Card?
Yes, you can choose to print your tickets by logging into AccountManager and following the “Print @ Home” option. Once you do this, your Mavs MVP Card will no longer have those specific ticket(s) stored on the card and you will need the printed ticket to enter the arena.

8. Is my parking pass on my Mavs MVP Card?
No, your parking pass is a physical pass and is not stored on your Mavs MVP Card. A printed parking pass is necessary to enter any Mavs controlled prepaid parking lot.

9. Can I forward my parking pass?
Yes, you can forward your parking pass the same way you forward a ticket. Once you forward a specific parking pass, it will void the original printed pass. A forwarded parking pass will need to be printed and presented to the parking attendant for access to a specific lot. Your Mavs MVP Card will not have parking stored on it. You will need a printed parking pass to access any Mavs prepaid parking lot.

10. If I buy additional single game tickets through my Mavs account representative or through Resale Marketplace, can I access those tickets through AccountManager and can the tickets be used via my Mavs MVP Card?
Yes, as long as your additional single game tickets were purchased through your Dallas Mavericks account representative or on-line through NBATickets/Resale (using the same email address as is used for your primary season ticket account). This transaction will be linked to your account via the common email address.

You can then handle the additional single game tickets the same way you handle your season tickets. You will be able to forward the additional single game ticket(s), print them at home or use your Mavs MVP Card to enter the building. Individual game tickets purchased through, or at American Airlines Center box office cannot be managed on AccountManager and therefore cannot be assigned to your Mavs MVP card.

11. What happens if my Mavs MVP Card is lost or stolen?
Please call the Mavericks immediately and we will void the lost or stolen card and issue you a new one.

12. Does a print at home ticket, forwarded ticket or ticket receipt printed when using my Mavs MVP Card show the normal face price of a ticket?
Yes, it will show the seat location and price normally printed on a ticket for that respective game. Additionally, a print at home ticket will show the account holder’s name, a forwarded ticket will show the recipient’s name and a ticket receipt printed when using your Mavs MVP Card will show the primary ticket holders account number, but not the name.

You can elect to “not” have the printed price shown on a forwarded ticket by selecting the appropriate box during the transaction process.

13. How do I securely resell my tickets?
If you are unable to attend a game and want to resell your tickets to other Mavs fans in a secure and convenient environment, you can do so by logging into AccountManager and selecting the game of choice, then “Manage My Tickets”, then “Sell Tickets on NBATickets.comResale”. It’s simple and easy and you will receive 90% of your posting price. There are several tools available to help guide you through the process and to set your desired pricing and posting times.

For additional Digital Ticketing or Mavs MVP Card information, please contact our hotline at 855-MAV-S411 (855-628-7411).