Luka Doncic talked to the media Wednesday for the first time since straining his left calf on April 10, and said he’s not sure if he’ll play Thursday in Game 3 of the Dallas Mavericks’ first-round playoff series against the Utah Jazz.

“I’ve been doing more court stuff and I’m feeling pretty good,” Doncic said. “I’ll just see how (the calf) feels.

“Today and yesterday I did a little bit, but we shouldn’t rush anything. I think I’m doing a lot and I’m getting ready.”

Doncic has been upgraded to questionable for Game 3 after being doubtful for Games 1 and 2. If Doncic is cleared by the medical staff to play in Game 3, will he necessarily be on a minute’s restriction?

“That’s for the medical (staff) and for him to decide where he’s at and what minutes he’ll play,” coach Jason Kidd said. “I know — as I’ve said all week for the last 10-11 days — he’s in good spirits and he’s going forward.

“There hasn’t been a setback. It’s just a matter of how he feels tomorrow.”

Asked if he’s done any live action and explosive on court activities to test his calf, Doncic said: “Yeah, we did a little bit of one-on-one and I was actually feeling good. I don’t know if I’m going to be 100 percent. I think that’s tough right now.

“But if I’m ready and there’s no risk of (further) injury, I’ll be out there.”

Without Doncic, the Mavs dropped Game 1 of their best-of-seven series against the Jazz this past Saturday, 99-93. But they bounced back Monday and captured Game 2, 110-104, behind a career-high 41 points from Jalen Brunson, and eight three-pointers and 25 points from Maxi Kleber.

Recalling the days after suffering his calf injury against the San Antonio Spurs, Doncic said: “I remember the first couple of days I couldn’t even shoot, and I was in a boot. I can shoot a basketball now. I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to do.

“I think we made a lot of progress yesterday and today. Those were good days. I was happy that I could be on the court a little bit.”

And the Mavs will be very happy if Doncic’s health allows him to be back on the court for Game 3 of this series against the Jazz.

“I just miss basketball,” Doncic said. “I know it’s only been two games, but I miss it so much.”

Spencer Dinwiddie and Brunson have been primarily initiating the Mavs’ offense in Doncic’s absence, and have acquitted themselves very well. Brunson has 65 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists in the first two games in this series, and Dinwiddie has 39 points, eight rebounds and 14 assists.

Overall, the Mavs are 9-10 without Doncic, and they clearly can’t wait for the day when the four-year veteran is able to rejoin them in the lineup.

“He looks great through the process of rehabbing,” Kidd said. “Again, this is just another step and now we’ll see how he does.

“It’s a progression that you have to go through. But it’s a combination of the player and the medical staff of understanding where he’s at and what he can do.”

Kidd said Doncic was not held out of any of the practice drills the Mavs did Wednesday. So, how hard did the Mavs go in Wednesday’s practice?

“Really hard,” Kidd said. “Luka is doing Luka. His sprint is different than anyone in the league. That’s the truth.

“I can’t put a speed on him, or a grade, or a 40 (yard dash) time. He’s doing everything.”

But when asked if he’ll risk aggravating his calf injury if he plays, Doncic said: “If there’s going to be risk, I don’t think I’m going to play. But like I said, yesterday and today we did some good things. I don’t want to play limited minutes and be nervous. I want to be out there the most time as possible.

“But like I said, I’m going to see how it feels and then talk to the medical staff. At the end of the day if they say there’s no risk and I feel good, I’m going to be ready to go. But if I don’t feel good, then I’m not going to risk it.”

Doncic said he’s receiving a lot of treatment, but nothing that warrants a member of the training staff spending time at his home

“I’m kind of just laying down and doing treatment,” he said. “It’s a lot of massage, ice, cold tub. I’m doing everything. Every day you go through the same thig.

“I just do the same treatment every day and that helps. It’s mostly what I do here in the morning and then in the afternoon when you’re home you just do some ice, you do some pool workouts.”

Doncic thanked the fans for sending him words of encouragement via social media.

“Thank you for just watching me and following what I had to do,” he said. “I just want to say I’m feeling way better than I was. I’ve improved every day and I’m going to keep going from here.

“At the beginning it was painful. Now it’s not really that painful. I’m feeling good right now.”

Kidd reiterated that Doncic is trending in the right direction and has been carrying a positive disposition and walking around with a smile on his face. He added that those are pluses that works in Doncic’s favor.

“Whenever you’re hurt and you’re in a good mood, I think it helps the body heal,” Kidd said. “Also it gives you hope that you’ll be able to play at some point.  He’s doing the work that the medial staff have asked him to do and there hasn’t been any setbacks. He feels great.

“So I think if he continues to come in with that good attitude, at some point he’ll get that green light to play. Again, I know it sounds like a broken record, but we’ll see how he feels tomorrow and then hopefully it’s a green light. If it’s not, we’re prepared to go (play Game 3) without him.”

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