Mavs Rooftop Art

A bird's eye view of the artwork on the Mavs' office.

If you come to or around Downtown Dallas, look around. Odds are you’ll see Dirk Nowitzki.

Mavs fans all over the world show their support for the team all the time. But it’s pretty cool to see local artists show their own Mavs support through their work — even if the work wasn’t commissioned.

No matter if it’s during Dirk Week or any other week of the year, fan support is always welcome around here. And in a neighborhood as diverse and cultured as Deep Ellum, home of the Mavs’ corporate office, it only makes sense for that support to be realized through art.


The building’s rooftop is adorned with a Mavs logo, created by SkinzWraps. The video above is drone footage showing the building and the surrounding area. The thought is that passengers on any plane flying overhead can look out their window and immediately see that Dallas is a Mavericks town. The next time you fly through, especially if you’re going to Love Field, be sure to try spotting it.


Mavs fans who have been following along with the clues all week will recognize the Dirk “wingspan” piece on the side of a building down the street from the team office, done by Josh Mittag. Nowitzki appears energetic but wise, imposing but not villainous. He looks like a legend.


Then, of course, there’s the championship mural on the side of the office. This one was done by Jerod “DTOX” Davies.



Dirk on the Sheraton

Dirk Nowitzki is shooting a one-legged fade over the city!

Seeing your name on the side of a building must be pretty cool. Just ask Don Draper’s boss — he never stops talking about it. But how about seeing yourself performing your patented move on the side of one of the busiest hotels in one of the busiest cities in the world? Dirk is on the Sheraton. Right now. Check it out.


An anonymous artist recently tagged the back door of the office with a portrait of proprietor Mark Cuban. We ain’t even mad.



Traveling Man Time Lapse

Watch as the Traveling Man, the 40-feet statue in Deep Ellum, dons his new Mavs uniform!

Perhaps Deep Ellum’s most iconic pedestrian is now wearing a Mavs jersey. We know where his loyalties lie.

In a town as big and expansive as this one, we’re all going to have our own favorite spots. But make it a point to check out some of these places the next time you’re in the area. The artists worked hard and the final products reflect it. If you have your own way of showing your support for the Mavericks, do that, too. We want to see your pride in your team. That’s what being a fan is all about.

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