FRISCO – Devin Harris has been watching the NBA finals with great interest, and in particular DeMarcus Cousins’ comeback from a torn quad injury.

Harris, the longtime Mavericks’ guard, can relate to the Golden State Warriors’ big man’s struggles.

“I’ve had that injury, so I know,” Harris said Thursday after taking his hacks in batting practice for Friday’s Dirk Nowitzki Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game. “I tore it two or three times throughout that year. It’s tough to come back from, let me tell you. My explosiveness never came back. It’s a tough injury.”

Watching the finals is fun, but it’s also secondary to Harris getting ready for the 2019-20 season. He is a free agent, but still has hopes of being with the Mavericks. He’s spent the offseason spending time with the family, working on his fatherhood skills, as well as working on his body and conditioning.

““Right now, I’m just trying to prepare, and get my body ready,” Harris said. “Come July or August, we’ll see what it looks like and go from there.”

And what would a return to the Mavericks mean?

“Obviously, it’s what I want – to retire in a Maverick jersey,” he said. “But obviously, it’s not in my control. That’s something I’m not particularly worried about. If it happens, it’s meant to be. If not … “

That much is true, but he also said that “when the time comes, for sure” he will retire as a Maverick, even though he’s spent time with the Nets, Jazz, Hawks and Nuggets in addition to his 10 seasons with the Mavericks. He will be starting his 16th season in October.

And, while his family is happy in Dallas and he’s about to open a restaurant with his wife, Megan, in the Design District near the Mavericks’ offices, Harris knows that free agency can bring all sorts of opportunities and surprises.

“All those factors come into the decision,” he said. “Obviously, my heart’s always here. But I’m still chasing that ring that I never got. So that’s always in the mirror somewhere.”

And for now, he’s content to be part of helping Nowitzki’s charity game and prepping for a 16th NBA season.

He’ll also continue enjoying the NBA finals. He especially has an admiration for the way Steph Curry, a good friend, has helped keep the Warriors, who have been without Kevin Durant for the whole series and other key players on a periodic basis, stay afloat against the Toronto Raptors.

“To be up 2-1, it shows the heart of Golden State, being the way they are injury-wise,” Harris said. “At some point, they’re going to get a couple of those guys back. And I’d like to see what that looks like. To win Game 2 with those guys going down, that shows something.”

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