JULY 12, 2018 (DALLAS, TX) — The Dallas Mavericks are committed to setting the standard for inclusion and diversity in the NBA. To do so, the Mavs organization has announced the creation of the Dallas Mavericks Advisory Council (D-MAC), a collective of leaders from the business community, season ticket holders and corporate partners who will have the opportunity to learn about Dallas Mavericks initiatives and provide input to the Dallas Mavericks management team. D-MAC will be co-chaired by Retired Chief of Police, David O. Brown, and Sr. Director of Community Relations for the Dallas Mavericks, Katie Edwards.

“In order to have a more diverse and collaborative work environment, we must surround ourselves with the best of the best in business and in life,” said Cynt Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks. “D-MAC will allow our executives to hear different perspectives, gain insights from our fans in the community and seek council when there are decisions to be made. I am thrilled to begin this September.”

D-MAC will consist of approximately 20 members and will come together quarterly, beginning on Media Day—September 21st, 2018, to hear updates on Dallas Mavericks business and provide feedback, advice and recommendations that will help the team meet challenges, identify risks and attain business-related goals. Such topics will include workforce recruitment and retention, philanthropy and community engagement, trends in the marketplace, programmatic strategy and public affairs. The Advisory Council will play a valuable role as a sounding board on the interface between the Mavs and the local community.

Invitations have gone out to 28 potential members and the list of advisors will be released in August.

For more information on D-MAC, Cynt Marshall and the Mavs organization, visit the newly launched CEO Corner on mavs.com.

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