Dear MFFLs,

There is a special magic in the air as the Dallas Mavericks open the first round of the playoffs against the Los Angeles Clippers. We can feel your enthusiasm and excitement even as we remain socially distant.

Dallas is ALL IN.

Back in September, our players opened media day with high hopes. None of us knew exactly how it would unfold and we certainly didn’t predict the bubble experience. However, the vision has never changed: compete hard each game and make it to the playoffs.

We had big expectations about this team long before the season started. In fact, Coach Carlisle made it clear on media day in September, 2019, just how special this team would be: “I’m really excited about this group,” he said. “The last three years were challenging, but this is a team that Donnie, Mark, Michael Finley and Keith Grant put together and it’s exciting. This is a group of guys that have experience…but are young enough to grow together.”

When the players took the court to jumpstart the season, the Mavs demonstrated right away the importance of having a vision backed by hard work, talent and exceptional teamwork. They were relentless this entire season and rewrote history books along the way. The Mavericks enter the playoffs with the most efficient offense in NBA history. A team’s offensive rating is measured by points scored per 100 possessions and the Mavs recorded the best rating in league history. Pretty special, huh?

Then there are the individual storylines that make up this special team. Not only will our offense be forever etched in record books, but so will the names and countries of the remarkable young men on our roster.

In fact, our squad is one of the most diverse in the league. Canada, Germany, Latvia, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Slovenia and the United States are represented. Josh Reaves also holds dual citizenship as a Bolivian-American and proudly represents the people there. The Mavs family is truly global, diverse, and inclusive. We will feed off the passion from around the world as we take the court during the playoffs.

Your devotion and loyalty are the fabric that holds this organization together. The passion we feel from MFFLs propels us to compete with heart and never forget the bigger picture in all we do.

Finally, to our children, teens and teachers who are heading back to school soon, we are cheering you on, too! Continue to work hard, love others, set goals and chase your own dreams! We are confident this generation of youth will change the world in magnificent ways. Never, ever give up!

It is our hope that the Mavs’ relentless quest to chase a dream brings a little joy and celebration into your homes during the playoff run.  For the first time since 2016, the MAVS ARE BACK IN THE PLAYOFFS. Now say it to your neighbor: “Neighbor, THE MAVS ARE BACK IN THE PLAYOFFS!” So buckle up, MFFLs, this should be a fun ride! A new era of Mavs basketball is here!

We are ALL IN. Let’s Go Mavs!

Your Friend,
Cynt Marshall

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