So it’s the All-Star break and let me tell you it is more than welcomed. We, as a team, are a little beat up, so we need some time to rest and get healthier. I really enjoyed my first half of the season with this team…I love our organization, my coaches, my teammates. It has truly been a positive experience. Tough win shorthanded last night against the Jazz…we had to fight for that one.

This halfway period of the season had me thinking of how it all started and how I got here. The video webisode series “Crossroads” that we aired here on, during my free agency period, captured the off-season journey…BUT…we never showed how the story ended. Obviously, I’m a Maverick and we all know how the story ends, but I wanted to share this BONUS webisode, which concludes my story (so click on the video below after you read this).

Shouts to the team at Tivity Social for helping me put together the whole series from Day 1. I still don’t know how you guys managed to do all this on Samsung smartphones.

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