Science of Basketball

The Dallas Mavericks Science of Basketball presented by Flowserve aims to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through basketball examples.

The program involves Texas standards-based curriculum for 5th and 6th grade teachers and hands-on camps for students and teachers. During the 2019-2020 school year Dallas Mavericks Science of Basketball was implemented into 15 Dallas ISD schools.

As many teachers and parents are teaching from home the Mavericks are offering the Mavs Science of Basketball program and activities to all MFFLs.


Turn your learning space into a STEM Lab with these Sciene of Basketball posters and lessons!


Don’t miss Science of Sport free webinars each week! Learn STEM at home with fun and interactive sports activities.

Schedule of Webinars

Thursday, March 19th @ 10:00am CST – Measure your Strike Zone
Monday, March 23rd @ 8:00am CST- Fielding Percentage
Thursday, March 26th @ 10:00am CST – Broad Jump
Monday, March 30th @ 8:00am CST – Numbers Game
Thursday, April 2nd @ 2:00pm CST- Penalty Kicks
Monday, April 6th @ 12:00pm CST- Physiology
Thursday, April 9th @ 2:00pm CST – Free Throws
Monday, April 13th @ 12:00pm CST- Measure Your Wingspan
Thursday, April 16th @ 2:00pm CST- Trajectory of Ball Flight
Monday, April 20th @ 12:00pm CST- Stadium Design
Thursday, April 23rd @ 2:00pm CST – Swimming, Sink or Float
Monday, April 27th @ 12:00pm CST- Baseball Statistics
Thursday, April 30th @ 2:00pm CST – Hydration
Monday, May 4th @ 12:00pm CST – Air Resistance
Thursday, May 7th @ 2:00pm CST- Geometry of a Field
Monday, May 11th @ 12:00pm CST – Passing Accuracy
Thursday, May 14th @ 2:00pm CST- Air Pressure


STEM Field trips coming soon… Check back for new trips and videos!

Teacher Resources

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About Science of Sport:
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