Dallas Mavericks Advisory Council

About the council

The Dallas Mavericks Advisory Council (D-MAC) is a collective of leaders representing various industries across the Metroplex. They bring diverse outside-in perspective and advise the organization on strategies and programs to help the Mavericks meet challenges and attain goals. The council meets quarterly to hear updates on Mavs business with a focus on the following areas: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Workforce Recruitment and Retention; Philanthropy and Community Investment; Trends and Externalities; Revenue Generation, Branding & Merchandising; and Public Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement.

Council Co-chairs

Council members

Former Council Members

Alex Sharma

Ashok Mago

Catherine Cuellar

David Brown

Chastin Miles

Craig Kessler

Mark Thompson

Jorge Baldor

LaMonte Thomas

Marie Diaz

Renee Hall

Michael Hinojosa

Meegan Trotter

Tim Williams

Richie Butler

Rick Ortiz

Roslyn Dawson Thompson

Sam Santiago

Tim Brown

Tom Chapman