Club Maverick

Join a prestigious and select group of dedicated MFFLs with an unrelenting passion for the game and team. As a Club Maverick Member, you receive exclusive benefits and experiences with your season tickets that are sure to create lifelong memories.

A Letter From Our Owner

We are so close.

So close to putting a pandemic behind us, getting out of the house, and doing something we have not been able to do for more than a year. Screaming. Shouting. Getting Rowdy, Proud & Loud with 19,200 of your Mavericks-cheering friends. Remember the energy you felt when you walked into the building? The excitement? The heart pounding of a close game? Cheering Lets Go Mavs!? Watching Luka make magical shots you never thought possible. Watching KP land 3s from near half court and make defensive plays only The Unicorn can make. That Mavs pride you feel watching our guys dive for balls and play their hearts out for Coach Carlisle every single game!

As a Club Mavericks Member, you get to be among the first to lock your season tickets in before the inevitable rush when ticket sales are open to the public. The energy at every game will be off the charts as we are finally able to cheer together once more. I can’t wait to say hi, shake hands, and just be Mavs fans all together again. Don’t miss out!

Mark Cuban, MFFL