CBS video: Deaf child hears music for first time at Mavs game

Some things are way, way cooler and more important than sports, and this is one of them.

Four-year-old Jace Lee enjoyed a Mavs game with his parents on Tuesday night at American Airlines Center. When the family was ready to leave, something happened: Jace heard the drumline.

Jace lost his hearing at a young age and only recently began to hear glimpses of loud sounds thanks to the help of a cochlear implant. The Mavs drumline’s postgame pep rally represented one of the first sounds he’s ever heard. And then he took part in the celebration by dancing among the drummers.

“It just really great to see something that normally everybody else gets to do experience with their kids,” said Brenda Lee, Jace’s mom, on CBS. “You know, hearing ‘mom’ and all that stuff. We didn’t get that.”

Check out the full video below, which aired on CBS earlier this week, and you can read more about Jace’s story here.