DALLAS – When center DeAndre Jordan nearly went over the back of teammate Luka Doncic to grab a rebound last Friday night against the New York Knicks, many folks on social media weren’t too happy.

However, coach Rick Carlisle said that rebound was much to do about nothing, and is something folks just nit-pick about when a team is losing.

Carlisle said since it’s in Jordan’s DNA as a robo-rebounder to chase down every rebound, reaction on social media was “a little bit” over the top. Still, it became a topic of discussion at the Lympo practice facilities.

“We talked about that and addressed it and moved on,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “When you’re struggling to win games it’s easier to look back and be negative.

“We’ve got to address things that are the most pressing things and move forward and be positive. But it was addressed.”

Jordan has produced a double-double in seven on the Mavs’ nine games and ranks third in the NBA in rebounds with 14.3 per game. Doncic leads the Mavs in scoring with 19.4 points per game and is second in rebounds with 6.6 per contest.

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