DALLAS – As the media was preparing to interview Rick Carlisle following Sunday morning’s practice session at the Lympo practice facilities, the Dallas Mavericks coach first wanted to say something.

“Before you guys ask questions, I want to talk about a report that came out about a quote unquote, heated conversation between (guard) Wes Matthews and my president (of basketball operations) and general manager, Donnie Nelson,” Carlisle said. “Wes approached Donnie and talked to him about anything that he could possibly do to help our team win more games.

“I ended up in on that conversation in Donnie’s office afterwards. It was nothing but positive and constructive. Any notion or implication that it was anything negative or, quote unquote, heated is completely false. So I just wanted to make sure everybody understood that.”

Apparently a report indicated that Matthews and Nelson had a heated conversation floated around on social media following Friday’s 118-106 loss to the New York Knicks. In essence, Carlisle said no such heated conversation occurred.

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