Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Dončić meets with Callum Stewart, 16, ahead of the Utah game on March 27, 2022. Stewart was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma, a rare and aggressive brain tumor, in December 2021. The Make-A-Wish Foundation partnered with the Mavericks to create a special night for the Frisco teen, who had a dream to attend the game and meet the Mavericks.
Although Luka Dončić is an international superstar, he has long said that children battling illness deserve the attention and spotlight. Doncic was thrilled to meet Stewart and signed his jersey and basketball. “Luka is really nice and easygoing,” Stewart said. “I was nervous because he’s this celebrity, but then you meet him, and he’s very nice and quiet. I kind of like that. He has his mind on other people, and it’s not about how important he is. That’s what stood out to me about Luka. I met him before the game, and even though his mind was probably on the game, he still took time to visit with me, and he’s just a nice guy and amazing player.”
Before the game, Dallas Mavs governor Mark Cuban worked with Make-A-Wish teen Callum Stewart on his shots. Stewart grew up in England and moved to North Texas when he was four years old. He’s been a sports fan his entire life. Stewart said many people suggested ideas for his wish, like family trips and other adventures, but he was determined to meet the Mavericks. He said shooting with Cuban was one of the highlights of his night.
Callum Stewart is pictured with his parents, Neil and Julia of Frisco, along with Mavs governor Mark Cuban. Neil Stewart after the game: “The thing that stood out to me was just how much time Mark Cuban spent with my son. I thought it would be just a hello, but he actually spent time with him and they both looked like they were enjoying their time. That stuck out to me more than anything.”

Callum said he loves basketball because he enjoys “competition.” He’s been drawn to the game since he was a child and he was a rebounder and defender. He’s also passionate about wrestling.
After the Mavericks’ win against Utah, Callum had the chance to meet the entire team. He’s pictured here with Boban Marjanović.

Callum Stewart and Tim Hardaway Jr.
Callum Stewart and Maxi Kleber. The two laugh and joke about Stewart’s passion for wrestling.
Dorian Finney-Smith asks Callum for advice on how he can improve his 3-point shot and the two joke about his performance after the game.
Callum Stewart and Dorian Finney-Smith
Callum Stewart and Dwight Powell. Callum said that Powell is one of his favorite players. The Mavs’ big man loves to meet children and teens just like Callum. A few years ago, the NBA veteran established the Dwight Powell Children and Family Support Fund at UT Southwestern. The cause provides resources to help patients and their children cope with cancer. Callum and Powell discussed the game and some of the teen’s passions.

Callum Stewart and Jalen Brunson. Stewart said that Jalen Brunson is one of his favorite players on the team. “We’re always thinking of you, buddy,” Brunson told him. “Thank you for spending your night with us! Hopefully we made you proud.”

Callum Stewart and Frank Ntilikina

Callum Stewart and Marquese Chriss
Josh Green and Callum Stewart
Callum is pictured with Theo Pinson
Before the game, we asked Callum his predictions for what would happen on the court that night. He said Luka Dončić “would drop 34 points in the game, and the Mavericks would win.” Stewart was nearly perfect with his predictions. Doncic scored 32, and the Mavs cruised to a 114-100 victory, thanks mainly to their good luck charm in the house — Callum Stewart!!! Although Callum bragged about the Mavs, he was the one who brought great joy and smiles to the entire franchise! He truly made our night. This Is Why We Play.
Callum Stewart and Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall

On behalf of the Dallas Mavericks, thank you, Callum, for spending your special night with the Dallas Mavericks! We are believing big for you always! You’re such a light to this world!

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