Sometimes, you have to battle more than just the Knicks, Pistons and Cavaliers.

The Mavericks will be flying into the teeth of one of the nastiest winter storms in recent years when they depart on Tuesday for a three-game trip.

When they get to New York, it’s supposed to be in the low 20s. However, it will get down to 5 degrees on Wednesday.

When they arrive at Detroit late Wednesday night, the temperature is supposed to be minus-15.

Bear in mind these are actual temperatures, not wind-chills. It will not get out of single digits while the Mavericks are in Detroit. One Maverick staffer, assistant coach Mike Shedd, said that the conditions are bad enough that the schools are shutting down because they don’t want kids waiting outside for more than a few minutes for the school bus. That is rare in cold country.

When the Mavericks get to Cleveland on Friday, the temperature is expected to crack into the teens. On the bright side, when they play the Cavaliers on Saturday, a warming trend is expected and the temperature might even get above freezing just in time for them to leave back to Dallas.

At least the Mavericks know that no matter how they shoot on this trip, they’ll be hotter than the temperature.

“It’s winter in the entire country,” said Toronto native Dwight Powell. “This is the northern hemisphere. Such is life.

“When you’re traveling in general, you have to hydrate a little more when you’re flying and make sure you’re washing your hands, try to avoid any sort of illnesses or viruses that may be flying around just because your immune system is down when you’re traveling. Hydration, getting as much sleep as you can. But that goes for any game.”

Said coach Rick Carlisle: “Three games in some cold places. It’s very cold in the northeast right now in the northeast and midwest, so we’ll have to bring our winter coats.”

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