Dallas Mavs’ Boban Marjanović finished in second place for this year’s 2021-22 Twyman Stokes Teammate of the Year award, the NBA announced today. 

Jrue Holiday of the Milwaukee Bucks won the 2021-22 Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award with 964 total points. Marjanović was the runner-up with 936 points and a league-best 48 first-place votes. He finished in fifth-place last year (2020-21). 

With a league boasting of 300 players, it’s an extraordinary accomplishment to be recognized as one of the best teammates in the league.

Presented annually since the 2012-13 season, the award recognizes the player deemed the best teammate based on selfless play, on and off-court leadership as a mentor and role model to other NBA players, and commitment and dedication to team.

Marjanović is definitely the winner for Dallas fans and he’s a shining light everywhere he goes. 

Mavs head coach Jason Kidd said he’s also a great player to coach.

“He’s a perfect example of being a true pro,” Kidd said. “He’s always prepared when his name is called. He does all the extra work. He’s the last one to leave the gym a lot of times. His spirit is high.”

Dirk Nowitzki won the 2016-17 Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award. Mavs legend JJ Barea was a finalist in 2019-20 and current Mavs assistant coach Jared Dudley was a finalist for the teammate award in 2019-20 and 2018-19, respectively.

A panel of league executives selected 12 finalists (six from each conference) for the Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award.  Current NBA players selected the winner from the list of finalists, with more than 300 players submitting their votes.

The players selected as finalists this year are: DeMar DeRozan (Chicago Bulls), Rudy Gay (Utah Jazz), Jeff Green (Denver Nuggets), Udonis Haslem (Miami Heat), Jrue Holiday (Milwaukee Bucks), Andre Iguodala (Golden State Warriors), Jaren Jackson Jr. (Memphis Grizzlies), Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers), Boban Marjanovic (Dallas Mavericks), Chris Paul (Phoenix Suns), Fred VanVleet (Toronto Raptors) and Grant Williams (Boston Celtics).

DeRozan finished in third place with 898 points (34 first-place votes).  Players were awarded 10 points for each first-place vote, seven points for each second-place vote, five points for each third-place vote, three points for each fourth-place vote and one point for each fifth-place vote.

Player (Team) 1st Place Votes

(10 Points)

2nd Place Votes

(7 Points)

3rd Place Votes

(5 Points)

4th Place Votes

(3 Points)

5th Place Votes

(1 Point)

Total Points
Jrue Holiday (Milwaukee) 39 41 39 23 23 964
Boban Marjanović (Dallas) 48 22 35 34 25 936
DeMar DeRozan (Chicago) 34 41 34 25 26 898
Jeff Green (Denver) 26 31 26 33 22 728
Chris Paul (Phoenix) 28 25 21 26 26 664
Udonis Haslem (Miami) 22 27 27 30 19 653
Fred VanVleet (Toronto) 24 19 14 33 38 580
Kevin Love (Cleveland) 21 18 31 18 35 580
Andre Iguodala (Golden State) 17 22 23 25 14 528
Grant Williams (Boston) 21 16 15 22 29 492
Rudy Gay (Utah) 6 28 28 20 35 491
Jaren Jackson Jr. (Memphis) 20 16 13 17 14 442

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