The Dallas Mavericks and Chick-fil-A DFW are excited to partner for the Behind-the-Mask campaign, which honors extraordinary doctors, nurses, and medical professionals across the community. These hometown heroes were selected because they answered the call during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensured the safety of thousands of lives during this time of crisis.

We are thrilled to announce our first honoree: Stacie Bukowsky, Director of Pharmacy at Scottish Rite for Children (Dallas and Frisco campuses). 

The nomination committee noted that every staff member at Scottish Rite for Children deserves recognition, but Mrs. Bukowsky was selected because she embraced the incredible challenges presented during the coronavirus pandemic with a positive attitude that redefined the integrity of hospital preparedness. With her selfless actions, Stacie truly inspires us to take good care of each other. Here’s more on her story: 

Scottish Rite nominated Stacie Bukowsky for this reason:
Scottish Rite for Children has a dedicated, supportive staff, and we’ve seen many examples of our staff giving back in their communities and in the workplace. One that stands out during the new coronavirus pandemic is how Stacie Bukowsky, the Director of Pharmacy for both the Dallas hospital and Frisco campuses, coordinated and directed our organization’s screening program. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Stacie’s dedication to the hospital and its mission led her to step up and create the full-scale operation for screening patients, families and our staff without being asked to do so. Her strong leadership skills and kind heart made her the perfect fit for this specialized project.

With the care of others her primary focus, Stacie listened to state calls, monitored the CDC website to watch for travel concerns and changes in symptoms. While collaborating with other departments through the hospital to develop COVID-19 signage and communication plans for patients and families, she was arranging a schedule for screeners at three entrances, one for staff and the other two for our patients and families. From schedules to signage, Stacie collaborated with all departments and staff on all campuses, maintaining excellent communication and strong leadership. Scottish Rite for Children is very appreciative of Stacie’s diligence during this time.

Stacie’s Story:
Mrs. Bukowsky is a proud wife of 24 years and mother of three beautiful children. She has served as the Director of Pharmacy at Scottish Rite for Children the last 14 years. Stacie received a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and master’s in pharmacy administration from the University of Texas. She is a MFFL and noted that her favorite Mavericks’ memory was winning the NBA championship against the Miami Heat in 2011. Outside of work, Stacie loves sports including Mavs basketball, college volleyball and football. She also enjoys working out at bootcamp five days a week. As a family, Stacie notes that the family of five enjoys kayaking, hiking state and national parks and spending time at the beach.

On behalf of the Dallas Mavericks and Chick-fil-A, congratulations Stacie! Thank you for your sacrifices, leadership and exemplary service to the North Texas community!

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