Statement from Dallas Mavericks on Sports Illustrated article

DALLAS – The Dallas Mavericks issue the following statement on an upcoming Sports Illustrated article:

The Dallas Mavericks have received information about behavior in our workplace that appears to have violated the organization’s standards of conduct. It has been alleged that a former officer of the organization engaged in various acts of inappropriate conduct toward women over a period of years. This individual left the employment of the Mavericks nearly three years ago and the Mavericks have only learned of the scope of these complaints in the past days.

The Mavericks organization takes these allegations extremely seriously. Yesterday we notified the league office and immediately hired outside counsel to conduct a thorough and independent investigation. The investigation will focus on the specific allegations related to this former employee, and will look more broadly at our company’s workplace practices and policies. In addition, an employee whose job was to receive and investigate such complaints and report them accurately and fully, has been suspended pending the conclusion of our investigation.

In a separate matter, we have also learned that an employee misled the organization about a prior domestic violence incident. This employee was not candid about the situation and has been terminated.

There is no room for such conduct in the Mavericks’ workplace — or any workplace.

The Mavericks will provide all necessary resources to ensure that every current and former employee receives appropriate support. We will also conduct comprehensive training through experts and take the necessary steps to ensure that our workplace is a safe, respectful and productive one for all Dallas Mavericks employees.

We are committed — to our employees, our team and our fans — to meet the goals of dignity, security and fairness that define the Dallas Mavericks.

We will not make any further comments until after the completion of the investigation.

Dallas Mavericks Dancers Set to Perform in China

How do you say “Go Mavs” in Chinese? Six jet-setting Dallas Mavericks Dancers preparing for a week-long journey to Guangzhou, China are about to find out. The DMDs have accepted the NBAs invitation to represent the Mavericks at the 2017 NBA Finals Celebration in China’s third-most populous city and the home of some of the Mavs’ most passionate international fans.

The Mavericks have launched new initiatives to reach fans in China over the last two years, boosting the team’s presence on Chinese social media and inviting Chinese fans to visit Dallas for a first-hand MFFL experience. Following the success of these programs, the DMDs will be bringing the energy of the AAC directly to Guangzhou for a unique fan experience.

The DMDs are set to depart Wednesday, June 7th and will arrive in Guangzhou after more than 14 hours of travel. After a little time to adjust to the new time zone, they’ll be performing on stage at the NBA Finals Celebration Party for hundreds of fans. Their itinerary also includes meet and greets, autograph signings, and photo sessions, all with the goal of making the 8,000 miles between Dallas and Guangzhou feel just a little shorter for local fans.

The six DMDs traveling to Guangzhou are: Ashley, Bebe, Brooke, Janae, Maggie, and Taylor.

Crossroads: The Conclusion of Charlie Villanueva’s webisode

So it’s the All-Star break and let me tell you it is more than welcomed. We, as a team, are a little beat up, so we need some time to rest and get healthier. I really enjoyed my first half of the season with this team…I love our organization, my coaches, my teammates. It has truly been a positive experience. Tough win shorthanded last night against the Jazz…we had to fight for that one.

This halfway period of the season had me thinking of how it all started and how I got here. The video webisode series “Crossroads” that we aired here on, during my free agency period, captured the off-season journey…BUT…we never showed how the story ended. Obviously, I’m a Maverick and we all know how the story ends, but I wanted to share this BONUS webisode, which concludes my story (so click on the video below after you read this).

Shouts to the team at Tivity Social for helping me put together the whole series from Day 1. I still don’t know how you guys managed to do all this on Samsung smartphones.

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Why Monta Ellis is on Charlie Villanueva’s all-star ballot

Que pasa mi gente!

Getting back into the groove of writing and since last week they announced the All-Star starters and we are less than a week away from hearing who the reserves will be. I want to throw something out there: Monta Ellis deserves to be in New York City!

It is an honor to be in the All-Star game and although I have never played in the actual NBA All-Star game, in the past, I have participated in the Rookie/Sophmore game. To be recognized for your craft, for your passion, and in this case your job is a tremendous honor. And honestly every year I feel like a few guys get “snubbed”. And I didn’t even realize until I started thinking about this post, about how Monta has never been elected to the All-Star game…SMH.

The beauty of our team is that it isn’t one guy, it is truly a team effort, a fine balance. Our team, from management to the coaching staff to the players, are crazy hype about how good we are, how much we can improve, and what that means come April, May and June.

This isn’t about me (I still have a long way to go) but this is my first real chance in my entire pro career to:

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