Black History

The Winners of our 2023 Black History Month Art Contest, presented by American Airlines, are being exhibited at the African American Museum of Dallas during the month of March! Congratulations to our student winners and thanks to all who participated.

2023 Winners

Brealyn Stewart
11th Grade
Newman Smith High School
Carrollton ISD
“Guide the Way”
Digital artwork depicts a younger person holding an older person’s hand, beneath that there is the writing “walk with the past to lead the future. These words are meant to mean that we must fondly embrace past Black leaders and elders and let their wisdom inspire the path we lead into the future.
Diya Sanger
10th Grade
JJ Pearce High School
Dallas ISD
“Black History Month”
This artwork is hand drawn, with a combination of historic quotes from important Black leaders such as Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King Jr, George Washington Carver, Fredrick, Wilma Rudolph that remind us to remember and learn from the past, while preparing for and embracing the future.
Tahj Daniels
8th Grade
Jerry Walker Middle School
Little Elm ISD
“Day One”
Day One is an appreciation piece to applaud an original Black leader, the Black woman. This woman and women like her, have and continue to shape the world through her strength, beauty, and grace.
Avi Swain
11th Grade
Hampton Preparatory
“Black Screens Matter”
This art depicts a young light skin women surrounded by old and new TV screens with past and future movements, struggles and history of African Americans. Different colors in her background with black lines and dot holding a gold BLM poster also represent moments from the past and present.
Jayden Hernandez
8th Grade
Smithfield Middle School
Birdville ISD
“I Have a Dream”
This art represents Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a unique ink drawing

Visit the winning student’s art at the African American Museum of Dallas March 1st – April 1st

2023 Art Contest Entries

Meet the Selection Committee:

Daisha Board

Owner and Curator of Daisha Board Gallery

Quad Kent

American Airlines Vice President Global People Support

Griffin Gonzalez

Director Partnerships and Community Relations

Theo Hodges

Dallas Mavericks Chief Revenue Officer

Rolando Blackman

Dallas Mavericks Legend

Nwanye Z. Davis

Dallas Mavericks Vice President of Corporate Sponsorships Service and Retention

Lindsay Oster

Dallas Mavericks Influencer and Events Manager

LaToya J. Henry

Dallas Weekly Chief Editor

Kenny Bunch

Dallas Mavericks Ticket Sales Service and Retention Director

Jacob Johnstonbaugh

Dallas Mavericks Graphic Designer

Gail O’Bannon

Dallas Mavericks Chief Diversity Officer

Derek Diaz de Leon

Dallas Mavericks Vice President of Marketing

Brianna Mathis

Dallas Mavericks Sponsorships Activation Coordinator

Katie Edwards

Dallas Mavericks Chief Impact Officer