No offense to the beautiful Bay Area, but Dallas has seemed to be a perfect fit for Andrew Bogut so far.

The veteran center already made a positive impression in his AAC debut earlier this week, when he recorded recorded 11 rebounds, three blocks, and three assists in only 16 minutes. But in a new profile, written by Scott Howard-Cooper, Bogut said he fits in well here off the floor, too.

“From what I”ve seen so far I love it,” he tells Howard-Cooper. “It’s much more suited to me as a person. I like California. But Texas, just the people here and the mentality’s a little slower probably than California with the every-day helter-skelter life. Whereas here it’s a little bit different culturally, in a good way. I wouldn’t say California or Texas is better. For myself, it feels like just a cool city. I like it. There’s a lot of good places to go. I didn’t realize how big the Dallas-Fort Worth area is. There’s a lot to do here, a lot of good restaurants and good cafes, a lot of nice people.

“When I first got here I couldn’t believe how nice the people were. People who didn’t even know who I was, just talking. ‘Hello. How are you? How’s your day?’ when you go into a shop. You just don’t hear that anymore. I guess it’s kind of that Texas mentality. I tweeted about it and some people were like, ‘You’re crazy, it never happens,’ but I experienced the first three, four days I was here. People were very nice to me. If I can be here long term, yeah, I’d love to.”

The thing which immediately jumps out the most from Bogut’s quote is he’s already looking forward to the possibility of playing in Dallas beyond this season, the last on his current contract. There’s still a long, long way to go until next summer, and a lot could happen between now and then with both parties. But everyone in the Mavs organization has had nothing but good things to say about Bogut, so it’s good to see the Australian center reciprocate those feelings already.

Give the rest of the feature a read, as well, here.

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