DALLAS – It certainly didn’t take Adam Wermuth very long to put a ring on it.

With sparks flying and love floating in the air, Adam and Amie Wermuth got married just 52 days after they went on their official first date. The wedding occurred on Feb. 20, 2004, meaning the happy couple are mere days away from celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary.

For the Wermuths, the whirlwind romance came as no surprise to them. The couple first met at American Airlines Center while Adam was working as one of the Mavs ManiAACs and noticed Amie sitting in the stands enjoying the game.

“The first time I saw her I just thought she was a regular fan and I probably would never see her again, because the ManiAACs see all the kinds of people all the time,” Adam said. “She was sitting right next to the ManiAACs’ section. Then the next home game she was there again.

“So I gave her a poster and all the ManiAACs signed it, and I asked her what her name was so I could personalize it to her.”

Thinking that would be his last time seeing Amie, Adam later spotted Amie again – at a Nov. 29, 2003 Mavs game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Then he made his move.

“That’s when I finally got the courage to actually talk to her,” Adam said. “Her cousin (Kim Walls) came over and told me that I was her favorite ManiAAC, but I wasn’t sure if her cousin was just joking or not.”

Phone numbers were subsequently exchanged, and later that night after Adam got off from work, he said: “About 10:30 I got in the car and I called her and we talked on the phone from 10:30 until I got home and all the way until about 2:30 in the morning.”

Amie acknowledged that for her, locking eyes with Adam was love at first sight. That’s a sentiment shared by Adam.

“He was cute,” Amie said. “He was the real fun one, the outspoken one of the ManiAACs.”

That “real fun” personality by Adam totally won over Amie. But because Adam admitted that he had a “weird schedule” on his job, he said: “We didn’t officially start dating until New Year’s Eve of 2003.”

So did Adam, who now works as the Interactive Content Manager for the Mavs, eventually propose to Amie on the Jumbtron at American Airlines Center?

“We were with the vice president (Ray Clark) of the home, health and hospice agency that her aunt (Kathy Walls) owns (and where Amie works) in Fort Worth,” Adam said. “He’s like her second father – her father passed away when she was younger – and we were in his office and he had this ring that he got on a cruise one time.

“We were kind of put on the spotlight to (propose) while everyone was there watching. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, but it’s something we had already talked about and were willing to do, and then we just had the opportunity so we took it.”

Kathy Walls offered to help the couple by paying for the wedding, and Adam and Amie took her up on that offer. The couple has four kids, including 10-year old Austin, 12-year old Avery, 17-year old Michael 17 and 21-year old Adrian.

“We’re older now, but he’s always outspoken,” Amie said of Adam. “And he’s a good daddy.”

Also important, Amie and Adam have so much synergy that they can almost complete each other’s sentences.

“That’s really been the best part is we have the same kind of sense of humor, so we can laugh at the same types of things,” Adam said. “We can be silly around each other and not worry about what the other one is thinking because we both act the same.”

Another definitive thing Adam noticed about his relationship with Amie was something that brought him great joy. He describes it as his favorite part of their heart-warming story.

“My lucky number is eight,” Adam said. “My birthday is Mar. 5, which is three and five, so that equals 8. I was born Mar. 5, 1973.

“Amie was born on Nov. 5, which is exactly 8 months away from Mar. 5. On top of that, she was born on Nov. 5, 1981, and 81 is exactly eight years from 73. So we’re exactly eight years and eight months apart, and I didn’t even realize that until after we got married. Maybe that’s why we’re so good together, because we both have the ‘eight’ thing going.”

Like most lovebirds, Amie and Adam are in the midst of a busy period. They just celebrated her birthday in November and Christmas the next month.

Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, and then the couple will jet off to Los Angeles later this week for the NBA All-Star Weekend. The ManiAACs were invited by the NBA to participate in the All-Star festivities.

“We have that documentary (on the ManiAACs) coming out,” Adam said. “And I’m going to (Los Angeles to) cover that (for Mavs.com).”

Adam was one of the original ManiAACs in 2002 and worked with the male dance group through 2009.

The trip to Los Angeles will serve as a way for Amie and Adam to celebrate their 14th anniversary, which happens on Feb. 20. It’s a love affair that got off on the good foot by a couple with so much in common.

“So far it’s fun,” Amie said. “We have growing kids and their life, and we have a good time and we have a good family.

“Fourteen years later, who would have thought it?”

Adam and Amie sure did.

“There were a lot of people that definitely didn’t think it was going to last at all,” Adam said. “But right from the start it was kind of apparent that we liked each other.”

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